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Published: 27 November 2019

Posted by: alice kingsley

I am a cat breeder in Northern Ohio, and received five calls in the past seven months from people who had very sad, horrific stories about receiving dead, dying, flea-ridden, diarrhea-covered, or otherwise completely unhealthy kittens from Terra Siberians, a backyard breeder located in the state of Michigan. If you have managed to get a healthy cat from them, you are an absolute minority. This has become my personal mission as a breeder to protect people who have called me and asked for my advice on dealing with sociopaths posing as cat breeders. One woman in Texas, for instance, received her kitten (it was shipped) dead. Absolutely dead. I”ve been following the posts on here for over a year, quietly, and attempting to gather information. It looks like they have at least three or four people they are threatening now — and so it”s high time someone who stands up for ethical cat breeding and TICA standards steps in and blows the whistle. These people who”ve adopted sick cats, one of whom paid $1400 for one, have called my business line or joined my pet loss support group and it”s just happened too many times to not call this out. Contact any cat breeder, especially Siberian breeders, in the midwest and they will tell you about Terra Siberians” reputation. Please don”t only take my word for it; call around to breeders and you”ll see they have all received the sad calls I have from people in tears, trying to figure out what went wrong. I invite you to do your research before you buy, including the ads on this page. I know it is a complaint board, but these are real people and they”ve cried to me on the phone — I can vouch for them. Call or email any other Siberian breeder around this region of Ohio-Michigan and learn more yourself.

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