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Published: 28 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Terrcom wireless tell their customers conflicting stories about their network being down or slow , never the same answer. and you have to call them every few day to get your phone to work. i have monitered my cell phone usage and they will tell my i have used all of my minutes in just 2 days Ive purposely turn my phone off to see if they were stealing minutes and i was absolutely corret they lie about usage and are very rude to their customers when you have complaint about the bad service they are providing. not to exclude all of the money they are recieving as a subsidy for the government phones the give away broken or damaged This company needs for the FCC to get of of there chairs and shut Terracom down and stop scamming oklahoma residents. i welcome a class action lawsuit and hope the FCC will look further into their records to see how they are taking advantage of the customers the company has .

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