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Published: 21 March 2019

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Teri Buhl calls herself a “smashmouth” investigative journalist. More like trashmouth it seems to me. Trashing a minor – the 17-year-old daughter of the man she was dating at the time – doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a “professional” or a “smashmouth” investigative journalist would do. Yet that’s what she did. She published parts of this poor girl’s personal diary on Facebook in an attempt to shame her. The writings detailed underage drinking and sexual activity at a party. Well, shame on you Teri Buhl! You got what you deserved for doing that: a 30-day prison sentence, one-year probation and an order from the judge to not interact with the victim or her family. You know, you’ve got to question just how “smashmouth” Trashmouth Teri Buhl is when she sticks her hand out on her website, practically begging for donations to support her investigative journalism cause (yes, she’s self-employed – not working as a staffer for an actual newspaper) with the two donation solicitation buttons on the upper right-hand side of her website. Just oozes class, don’t you think? Credibility is one of the primary tenets of journalism, and Trashmouth Teri Buhl is missing that component.

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