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Terry Hale is a cheat. He has no sense of doing business.

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

He stole $25,000 from me by telling me to invest in a hoax real estate project. The project doesn’t exist and I did not get a penny in return. He is using the training programs to get you to invest in his bogus real estate deals. I request you to stay away from him and his company. I have lost $25,000 to this money-hungry, illegitimate, greedy scum.

I took one of his coaching services and let me tell you, it was one of the worst training programs I have ever seen. They are simply stating the obvious and telling you to invest in bogus schemes. Their programs are ways to market the deals of other businessmen so you will give you money to them. They think we are stupid and we don’t have any idea how real estate market works.

Terry Hale Publishing tries to convince you to invest in hoax deals and schemes. I was lured by their programs and their website. You can visit terryhale.com yourself and tell me if it doesn’t seem trustworthy. I enrolled in one of their commercial real estate training programs. Their ‘personal coaching’ is just personalized marketing of shady deals. Don’t ever think they’ll make you rich. They want you to invest in these commercial real estate deals because no one else is doing so. They know what they are doing is illegal so they cover it up as ‘real estate advice’. Terry Hale has made himself rich by helping rich businessmen steal the money from innocent people.

I am sure that many people have fallen prey to his wicked schemes. He is not only earning money from the courses and programs he is selling to you but also from the deals he tells you to invest in. I am saying all this because I have lost a lot of my own due to his advice. I had invested in a commercial real estate deal and when it came to getting the returns, I was told that I had not made any investment whatsoever. He took my investment of $25,000 and started lying. When I did a little investigation, I found that the project he told me to invest in did not actually exist.

All the papers he was telling me about were a lie. I was foolish enough to trust this scumbag and think that he is a good-wishing mentor who genuinely wants to help people. You’ll be better off going to school. They have stolen my $25,000. I will register a case against them for fraud and malpractice. Terry Hale is a criminal who is stealing money from people. He shouldn’t be allowed to run a business. Instead, he should be put behind the bars and given the harshest punishments.

His training programs are a joke. The only thing I learned from them is ‘Never Trust Terry’. I hope you’ll take heed of my words and avoid this greedy fraudster. If I had known the reality behind his bogus courses and false real estate advice, I would never have invested my money. For the love of God, don’t trust this guy.

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