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Terry Moving and Storage ripped us off!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: charlotte

In 2012, my husband and I decided to move into our new house. After searching online and reading a lot of reviews, I decided to hire Terry Moving & Storage. It was a small shift, within Orange City only and I expected to be charged a reasonable price. And they did. I was charged a nominal price, and I was told that I would be given a discount as well. For this, they required me to fill a form containing details of my credit card. But a company employee ripped me off by stealing a few of my most precious items and money from my credit card as well.

These items were very close to my heart, and their value is beyond monetary. I was extremely attached to them. I have a compiled a complete list of items that were stolen from me:

1) Diamond watch – this watch was gifted to me by my husband shortly before our first wedding anniversary. This item is irreplaceable.
2) Montblanc pen – besides the monetary value of this pen, I was emotionally attached to it as well.
3) Diamond bracelet

I had specifically asked them whether they would vouch for the safety of ALL my items. They assured me that they would and even signed an agreement with me regarding the same. My belongings are worth a total of $3000. I came to know of my credit card rip off only after I checked my monthly statement. To my shock, I found that $5000 had been moved to another discrete account.

I immediately called the owner of Terry Moving & Storage, and their response was completely contradictory to what I expected. Instead of reassuring me that all necessary action would be taken, they blamed me for abandoning my valuables without any care. After a lot of negotiation, he asked me to check the other packed boxes, telling me that I had probably misplaced my belongings. But I was extremely sure that that was not the case since I especially had checked with them regarding this.

Understanding that this was a lost cause, I decided to contact the insurance company for a claim. To my surprise, the owner refused to divulge the necessary details and even became verbally abusive at this point. After some haggling, I managed to find out the name of the company and called them. They refused my claim as well.

My only chance then was to trace the employee what had taken off with my belongings. Initially, the company refused to give me his details and living address, but I was able to persuade them to give it to me since my case was genuine. I called him, and to my dismay, the phone was switched off. I went to the address that the company had given me and found out that the house was locked. After enquiring to the neighbors, it became clear that such a person had not lived there for the past two years. Now you can see how irresponsible Terry Moving & Storage is. How can such a reputed company hire their employees without even doing a routine background check on them? Since I was looking for a peaceful settlement, I decided to postpone reporting the matter to the police.

Finally, the company decided to lend me sort of help. I found out then that the employee had proceeded along the same route that it normally takes and had used the credit card at several gas stations and stores along this way. I could not find anything more than that. I decided to report the matter to the police. They found out that the employee had used multiple aliases to cover his tracks. They found CCTV footage of his movements and found out that he was not alone but had a female accomplice as well. The search for the culprit is still going on.

The company then denied complete responsibility for the theft and the employee. They even denied me compensation. Remember that initially, they had informed me that I would be given a discount for availing their services. Not only was I not given that but they charged me $100 extra as collateral damage fees. To top this all, the moving process itself was not at all punctual and extremely clumsy. On opening the remaining boxes, I found out that my china set was completely broken. Several of the packed boxes had tears on their sides. My damages came up to $6000. Had I decided to approach a more professional company, this would not have happened to me.

On talking to other people regarding my grievances, I found out other stories as well. A friend of mine told me that he had decided to hire the company for moving. They agreed upon a fixed rate for this. However, after completing it, the company decided to overcharge my friend and charged him double the amount. He was outraged and refused to pay the extra money. He filed a police complaint as well.

I sincerely beseech everyone NOT to approach Terry Moving & Storage. Their services are extremely bad.

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