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Published: 07 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been doing business with Texas Plumbing and Jerry Brown for several years and was really surprised at the response to their total lack of competence on this call. I work from home so I was able to “shadow” the repairman for the most part. This was a simple call and I had the same exact thing done two years earlier…..unclog the AC drain line and replace two faucet cartridges……it was completed in less than 1 hour. Had no issue with the work or the payment….fair all the way around. This time it was quite a bit different to say the least. Instead of using an O2 cartridge to blow the line out (which worked perfectly fine in the past), he was trying to use and air compressor that maxed out at 70psi and to no ones surprise it wasn’t working, To top it off, he broke the threaded pvc piping that went into the AC which left the threads in the connection…..we’ll get back to that. After watching the repairman fumble around with the STILL clogged line and broken threads in the AC for over an hour, I decided I had to get involved. I went and got him my sprinkler head extractor tool to get the threads out and after watching him jack around with that for 10 minutes, I suggested that I hit the handle with a hammer while he turn it and what do you know it worked!……(even though he trashed my attachment by grabbing it with his channel locks in the wrong place) After several more trips to his truck, he replaced all the broken pvc and moved on to the line that was STILL clogged. Knowing that the air compressor simply wasn’t going to work, I asked him if he had an o2 cartridges and he said no. So I suggested that we use my 6.5hp all vac to blow the line out. I went downstairs and got an attachment (used to blow up mattresses) switched the hose and what do you know the line was finally cleared two hours into the call. I was a little aggravated, to say the least, considering that I had been his apprentice and came up with all the ideas to solve the issue. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but I think you get the point. On to the cartridges, as I suspected he had those knocked out in a timely fashion. Invoice time rolls around and he smacks a $404 bill in front of me….I was a little put off by this considering all that had transpired. I called the owners and his wife answered stating that Jerry (the owner) wasn’t in. Gave her a snapshot of what the issue was and we decided to wait until I could speak with Jerry. Jerry called me the following afternoon, we went through the scenario and he had the gall to offer me a 10% ($31.00) discount off the net of the bill for a job that should have taken under an hour and that I (the customer) had to be the apprentice for! He said that was the best he could do and I let him know that if that is the best he has not only lost a customer but all the many referrals that I have given them over the last 10 plus years. He didn’t seem to concerned and I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised given the experience I just had. Buyer beware……if encounter incompetent repairman JACKING around for 2 and a half hours, you are going to have to pay! In closing, I would hate to see what the bill would have been if I didn’t do most of the work! .

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