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This place is way overpriced! It’s a hellhole.

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Published: 24 June 2019

Posted by: Duane

They increase the rates randomly and without any prior notice. They don’t care about doing a good job. No, they only care about making more money. The last time I went to that place to get hair extensions, the prices were $350. This time, they rose the prices to $500. That’s too much even for them. They claim to be a big brand but such prices are just way over the top. You can’t just charge the people what you feel like charging. Not only that, the staff here is really rude too. I bought the $500 service because they said they had done some improvements. Rubbish! They didn’t do any improvements. Those guys only made things worse and messed up my extensions. They weren’t according to my liking. They switched up my stylist and that led to this mess. The new stylist they assigned to me was either too inexperienced or too careless because she didn’t understand what I wanted. She did a poor job with my hair extensions and it was really disappointing. I had requested specifically for my previous stylist but they told me that I hadn’t and gave me the new one.

So not only did they increase their prices to sky-high limits but they also switched my stylist. To top it all off, the new stylist messed my hair up. Going to such a place is nothing but a waste of time. These guys have no idea how they should handle their customers. They are mismanaged and lack basic courtesy. I’d advise you to find some other salon where the staff is more responsible and the stylists are more competent. Look I’m all about creating profits but if you’re going to increase your prices then there should be a justified reason for it. You can’t just increase the load on your customers’ pockets because you feel like it. That’s a terrible reason. And I don’t think any customer would be happy with that. In addition, they didn’t even apologize for doing a pathetic job with my extensions. I can’t tell you how irritating it is when your stylist doesn’t understand anything you say. I told them that I was disappointed with the hairdo and it would’ve been better if they would’ve assigned me the stylist I demanded. But these guys didn’t even bother to acknowledge my complaint. They need to work on improving their customer service and experience. If they’ll keep this nonsense up, I’m pretty sure they’ll lose customers fast. I’m not going back to this place as well. First, their increased prices and then their crappy service made my experience one of the worst ones I’ve ever had. I’d tell my friends about this place too. I have plenty of friends who get extensions and who I had recommended this place to. Now, I’m certain that this place sucks and it’s not worth anyone’s time and money. I’d advise you to look for some other place as well.

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