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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It all started when I saw this ad on the internet. Is It Not Your Goal to Earn Thousands Weekly? Our goal is to get 900+ recruits into your business opportunity. When we do, you will earn really substantial $$. First, we get 30 to sign up with you. We then help each of them get 30. Right, that’s 900 money-makers under you! We will pay you a $100 commission on each of the 30 sign-ups ($3,000) and all other 1st. level sign-ups. Yes, 50 = $5,000, 80 = $8,000 and so on. Next, add what your company pays on each sign-up then multiply it by 900. That is how earnings skyrocket! Let’s suppose your 900 recruits then get 30 each! Just do the arithmetic to see why so many people we work with gain prosperity beyond all expectations. To get started with The 900 Factor! division or get your questions answered, call or email us with the best time to call you. 155 River Rd. No. Arlington NJ 07031 800-238-2862 USA only! 201-991-7800 Everywhere! 9AM to 5PM ET Weekdays I saw the ad above on the 900 Factor website and entered my contact information I was contacted by Fred on 3/5/14 The 900 factor will help me get 30 people into my business. And they will help those who sign up with them get 30 people into their business thus building everyone’s business. Fred Stevens said the process is that we exchange information. I give him my website they make an ad for me. They post my ad on a home business website where people click on it. I will get the information on the leads that clicked my link. They verify all of the leads. I participate 1 hour per week doing three simple things. One I send an email which includes a link to my join website and two I make a brief call. The other thing is that when people tell me no I send them to talk to Fred and he tries to get the no to a yes. That’s it. I paid the money for the service. Then I get an email that has a different offer than what Fred said in it and it asks me to agree to that – I don’t. The following week they send me the leads I follow the instructions sending the email, then a few days later I call the leads all the people I talked to with one exception says that someone is selling their numbers on the internet. I buy leads from other sources and that does not usually happen. So I call the company and talk to Ray. He says some people they know may have put their names in the form not to worry so I say okay. The next week they don’t send any leads at all. The agreement is that they send 35 leads a week and they send nothing. So I send them an email asking for my leads. Then again on the second week no leads. I think this company is fraudulent and I don’t want to do business with them. I want my money back. So I call them and talk to Ray. He refuses to give me my money back. He says he does not refund money. Then he explains everyone who says no have them call him. And it won’t work because the people don’t want me calling them they aren’t saying no they’re saying leave me alone. I ask for my money back. It’s a fraud because the leads are bad the deal can’t possibley work. Then I ask to see my ad on the website the website is a fruad it’s not about people looking for home based businesses. The ads are on this site which says let us recruit for you. And the ad representing my ad is not the proof I sent back. Don’t fall for it like I did. It’s a rip off, believe me I would not use my time to write this if it weren’t. .

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