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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On April 20th, my 2006 Toyota Corolla, silver color was towed at my apartment complex named; The Abbey @ Briar Forest of the address 11655 Briar Forest, Houston TX 77077. The manager told me the car was towed because the visitor’s parking section is no longer designated for visitor. She stated that, a letter was mailed out to inform all residence but there were no sign put up to show unauthorized parking will be towed. Although, I never got any letter in reference to that. I explained to them my schedule is very tight and I leave and come home very late. The above said vehicle was damaged, the front passenger side tire was blown out, the rim was affected, the spindle and the under arm was broken. I explained to the towing yard operator Mr. Chris, having said that, he went off on me and kicked me out of the yard after I paid and wont allow me to drive my car out. He stated that I must pay additional $50 or the vehicle roll back into the system. So, then I felt more threatened and had to call 911 for a police officer. When the officer arrived, Chris lied and then I was allowed to drive my car out of the yard while the officer waited until I was true with what I was doing without paying the $50. I paid a total of $225.80 I contacted them for the damages and they refuse to respond to my claim up till now. I recent email conversation on the claim. but they denied they never received calls from me about the claim. when in fact the apartment is aware (Jessica). I have a picture of when the car was towed and after the car was picked up. Another incident occurred again with the same Ideal towing and B&B Storage. The towing company, towed my 2003 Honda Civic on May 20th, and claimed that my vehicle inspection and parking permit were expired. None of this were true and I requested to see a picture of the parking permit that shows the expiry date. On providing the picture, it was a blury foto that does not show a clearer date but it can be inferred from the shadow that the car parking permit is valid till 21st of May. I sent an email to my apartment manager requesting for another perking permit because I was away on vacation. In the email I informed them that my car parking permit will expired on May 20th or 25th but I know is around those dates. To my surprise, the same date I mentioned to them was the same date my car was ordered to be towed. I was informed by coworker whom I asked to drive through my apartment. Since then, I sent an email to the apartment managers and etc, non of them responded to my email up until I came back 5 days ago (06/12/2014) to meet with them about the towing. The assistant manager then told me, that they will refund me partially (conversation noted) and that she will talk to her boss on that issue. Having met and discuss with her manager, she was not been helpful and claimed that she did not see the picture and was not aware of the towing. I asked her why didn’t she responded to my emails? She later said she responded to one of my email which was in reference to the apartment wearing off (Molds on wall, Waterleak, Hu cge rack on wall and Dampness) but, the particular on in question, she said she never saw it. I then, told her that, the same email addresses were used previously and I did received reply from those email. All she could say was that, she is busy attending to 700 occupants and following up with single email is not a small task. She then adviced me to sue the towing company. I told her she don’t need to tell me what to do becuase, she is the chief architect of the towing. She authorized the towing. Having said all that, I requested to see a picture of my car parking permit, they couldnt provide me a clear picture of the parking permit. Neither does the leasing office has the permit reference note. I wonder how they were able to conclude on what they were not sure about or something they don’t have a proof of. Picture was taken early morning on the 20th may in the dark, No visible expiry date, and more so there were no warning placed on the car stating that the parking permit was facing inside or not showing properly. On receiving the car, I asked my friend where is the parking permit inside and she told me that, she had no access to the car until the towing yard collected additional $50.00 to drive the car out because, the car was not in their names and so they can’t drive it. I paid a total of $682.20 apart from the insurance which was changed to my friend’s name in other to be able to collect the car. $170 insurance. I request for my money from the Ideal Towing and the abbey because they towed my car by mistake. Non of them was sure of what date the permit expires and the apartment thus remember i had two permit and the first one expired but the second permit, they don’t know. The leasing office can testify that I have a valid parking permit and the first one expired on the 10th while the second one was a valid one till 21st of 25th of May (can’t be precise). So, the towing yard played on my intelligence and I was not treated fairly, they removed the parking permit prior to releasing the car. Which is why I want to request for an ivestigation. I proof of conversation between myself, the Abbey, and the Towing company. They kept saying the problem is that, we dont all know the exact date on the permit. But I sent an email stating the date prior to been towed. Moreover, there were no sign that tell Visitor’s or resident where not to park. No Towing Violation Sign inside the apartment premises, (I looked around and took pictures) the only sign is at the gate entrance…which most of the time, the entry gate stays open. This is just an invalid tow because the apartment failed to provide the date, from there record and neither did the towing company is sure of the date. Non of them at this point is able to tell exact date. The Picture only shows 05 / **/** but they assume the forward stroke is 1. There eargeness to towed vehicle, does not give them the commonsense to use their discretion, by finding out what date is on the car. they rather towed it because of their selfish interest and ripoff. There are many in this yard that were victimized by the abbey authorizing towing. They all neglected their Parking Policy. which non of their present activity is covered by the policy. I therefore seek for investigation, and that the apartment should refund my money because of their careless and selfish towing contract. No sign was put in place as at today inside the apartment in other to warn visitors, first timer or residents. Thanks and will anticipate for your assistance on this two issues.

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