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Published: 08 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Dr. George Bishop D.V.M. Carmel – Cited & Fined by Ca. V.M.B. !! 3 Crossroads Blvd. May 28, 2014 – The California Veterinary Medical Board cited Dr. Bishop for negligence, record keeping violations, imposed a fine and ordered him to take immediate necessary measures required by The Board to provide an acceptable standard of care. . (Case NV 2013 295 & Citation 2538-C) June 4, 2014 – I just spoke with Joely Walker, the Enforcement Analyst for the Ca. V.M.B… She stated that Bishop appealed the Citation in a formal hearing and lost. He has paid the $500 fine and the Citation will remain on his license for 5 years He was also put on “personal notice” at the hearing by The Board to improve the standard of care being provided at his clinic I received a $5,085.00 Judgment award in small claims court (Case MSC 134906) on May 23, 2013 against Dr. George Bishop of the Animal Hospital in of the Crossroads in Carmel, Ca. for providing an inadequate standard of care for my now deceased Golden Retriever Anita. Based on Dr. Bill Sullenberger’s necropsy and interpetation, it was clear that he misdiagnosed her condition TWICE, prescribed Metacam without informing me of the potential lethal side effects and when expert testimony in court stated that he should not have, never showed concern for why my Anita died, would not assist me with the necropsy process or costs, never returned any of my calls and could not even show up for the trial despite being properly served by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Dept. ! The Sheriff’s Dept. made 5 attempts to serve Dr. Bishop again at The Animal Hospital of the Crossroads and at his home with an Order to Appear on August 15, 2013 and Order for Financial Examination, to no avail. On one occasion, Dr. Bishop would not come out to the reception area to accept document service from the Sheriff deputy. A Writ of Execution, filed with the Monterey County Superior Courts, was signed by a Judge on July 25, 2013 and will propagate the below two actions: 1.) The Sheriff do will do a “till tap” — If the debtor is a business with a cash register, the Sheriff can go to the address of the business and take enough money out of the cash register to pay the judgment debt and the Sheriff’s fee. 2.) The Sheriffs will be placing a “keeper” in the debtor’s business — If the judgment debtor is a business, the Sheriff will, for $225.00 per day, remain in the judgment debtor’s business establishment and take all the funds that come in until the judgment and Sheriff’s “keeper” fees are paid. The “keeper” can collect cash, checks, and bank credit card drafts. *The Sherriff’s Dept. collected $5,569.09 from Dr. Bishop on Aug. 23, 2013 by executing the above two actions. I have been paid in full and a Satisfaction of Judgment was submitted to the Courts.* Due to the unnecessary pain and suffering that my Anita and I had to endure, AND, the outpouring of sad stories that I have received as a result of this posting, I feel extremely compelled to inform EVERYONE in our community about this man and the blatant lack of concern he has shown for the well being of so many beloved pets.

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