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Negligent dentist put my health at risk

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Published: 02 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After experiencing excruciating pain in my wisdom tooth, I decided after thinking long and hard, to get it removed. There were quite a few people who advised me not to get it removed but since I was the only one who knew what the pain felt like, I paid no heed to the advisors and went on to look online for reputed dentistry clinics. After a long and thorough search, I found out about The Art of Dental Wellness situated in Kern Hill. I scheduled an online appointment and got a slot for the very next day. The pain was getting unbearable after each passing second and only I know what the pain felt like.
The next day, there I was, sitting in the lobby and waiting for the doctor to arrive. I was the first patient on the list and was eagerly waiting for the doctor to arrive. It took the doctor an hour to reach the place. I went in and the very first the doctor told me was – “Keep quiet”. He kept talking to someone on his phone and another hour passed. When he was finally free, I asked him to listen to me. I told all about the pain and requested him to suggest a way for the pain to end. As expected, he told me that it would need to be removed. He wrote down a list of names of medicines for the pain and told me to come after three days for the removal.
The medicines worked for a very short duration and so I had to endure the pain for another three days. Finally, the day on which the wisdom teeth were supposed to be extracted arrived. I went into the clinic and was immediately called into the chamber of the doctor
The doctor started the procedure by rubbing my teeth clean with a piece of cloth and he was not gentle about it. After this, he started the process of removal. I do not know why but he did not use kind of anaesthetic and I could feel the driller piercing through the wisdom teeth. I had no option but to sit and go through it all. After the procedure was complete, the doctor went away and it took him an hour to come back. After he came back, he dressed the wound and gave me another prescription for the pain.
After this, I walked out of the place and had to take a cab till home. The pain was skyrocketing and I could not sleep for a week. I had to get my teeth checked out by another dentist and I was shocked to know that the wisdom tooth had not been removed properly. I had to undergo another procedure because of the first unsuccessful one.
This is what happened when I went to The Art of Dental Wellness. I would not anybody to go what I went through at that place and thus I advise everyone to stay as far away from the place as possible.

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