The Children in the Middle

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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Bradley S Craig is the parental facilitator used for my exwife and I and is supposed to help us coparent better. He has done exactly the opposite. He has his “Communication specialist” Kim England look over our emails sent to each other and charges $50 per email regardless if you have done anything wrong. Then if he deems it appropriate he has you do “homework” and if you dont do it up to the standards you are charged another $50 and the cycle continues. Mr. Craig likes to label you inappropriately and I believe he has his own defective mental health that prevents him from helping us set up coparenting. If you ask questions about the way he bills he will refer you back to the “advisement” you signed at the beginning. Yet he states himself this isn’t a legal document, it is what he feels is morally right. I hope that this information will help in your choice if you are looking for a parental facilitator.

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