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Please never ever visit Dr David A Sherris MD

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Published: 13 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Well I feel really sad while saying that The Clinic of Facial Plastic Surgery is one of the most fake medical institute who claims to give you the best services and medication with the better surgeries and tools. They have no ethics for the profession they are following and just gives false hopes to their patients to attract their money. I would never advice anyone to go to them.
I wanted a small plastic surgery to be done and that is why i approached them. The guy told me that there was nothing to worry about and that it was very small procedure. Everything would be fine after this. And i trusted him with his words.
The surgery took place and for 10 days i had the white mask on. After then days, the results werent that great, so he told that he would have to follow another procedure. That procedure cost us alot of money. Even after that the results weren’t that great.
My hand, now looks worse that what it was, and i cant do anything about it. They charged us so mcuh for a service which deserved to be paid nothing. He is apparently very professional and all that, let me tell you he isnt.
He did mistakes which an amateur wouldnt do, and trust me never ever visit this guy ever. He will charge you such high amounts and then you get only regret. Not only your money, but also you body is affected. Plastic surgery is supposed to make you look better and not pathetic.

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