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Published: 24 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My name is Michael Chapple and I am outraged of the service I am receiving from The Stratford Luxuxry Apartments. I have been fighting with The Stratford Luxuxuxry Apartment in Sandy Springs Ga The Stratford 5479 Glenridge Dr Atlanta Ga 30342 aka The Connors Group for over 4 months now Starting in february 2015. I have water leak all over my apartment and Black mold covering my bedroom. I have not sleep in MY BEDROOM IN OVER 3 Weeks. I was told by maintenencd that the 82 year old lady upstairs died and left the water running. These are the type of misleading instructions I have been dealing with for the last 4 months. I have Epilepsy and have been in a Epileptic comma for over 3 day and waking up throwing up blood for not eating. I can not breathe, massive headaches, sleeping 14-16 a day and have had the apartment windows open for 2 week now. I am looking for support . I have the Code Enforcemnt of Sandy Springs case number 14054 – addressing the matter for the water leak but this matter is much bigger than that. I have involved the Epilepsy Foundation of Ga dn we are ready to file suit against The Connor Group. The Stratford Luxuxry Apartment gave me a Notice to Leave the Premisses Form and I have until July 72015 to leave the apartment .Please contact me at 318-547-0481 for more inforrmation.

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