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Avoid these guys.

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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Cosmetic and Skin Surgery Center is currently operating in the USA. As their mission states to deliver and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. But their customers have been disappointed about the services they deliver, the quality they are delivering, and they are also facing problems regarding customer service. There have been complaints regarding this skin center that the doctors are unprofessional and they are untrained. To deliver the best customer quality you need to make sure that your doctors are well trained, professional and they should perform in any circumstances.
I faced an issue where I had to go for an earlobe piercing. I was unsatisfied with the experience as the doctor was not professional and I also got an infection when I was treated at The Cosmetic & Skin Center. I was unhappy with the experience and I had to change the clinic.
I’m not the only victim of these fraudsters. There are many others who have faced different consequences of trusting these scumbags. One of the customers who went there for a laser lift tells that firstly he was overcharged, and the doctor who he got treated by is a very rude man and he is not compassionate about his work also. He tells that apart from the doctors every other staff member is rude also as he would not like to visit this center again in his entire life.
Some of the customers faced miss commitment from them as one of them faced this issue where the customer went there to have her analysis of face and possible fluid retention under her eyes. The center asked her that the machine was out of ordered and it’s being repaired. The customer called them back but was only told again that it still under process and it’s going to take some time. The customer had to ultimately lookout for another Cosmetic and Skin Surgery center to get the things done.
One of the customers who went there had a Restylane injection for her lips. She was utterly disappointed when she was told by the staff that the injection would be injected by the PA of the doctor rather than the doctor itself. Her lips got numbed after this. After she left her lips started to swell up and a bruise started appearing. The next day the swelling got better and there was no pain but her lips got deflated and she is now left with 3 bruises on her lips and her lips looked the same as they were before.
When the customers get disappointed and they are not delivering their desired results this makes them a little angry. A customer went to The Cosmetic and Skin Surgery Center for removal of fat around her neck. She was told that this would tighten up her neck very well. It was a great disappointment for her when she realized that this surgery has brought no good to her.
Seeing my experience and other people’s experience, I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to trust these people for his or her treatment.

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