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Published: 15 March 2019

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My relationship with Susan Houchin was great initially, but along came several bright red flags. Susan was very quick to develop a trusting relationship, our first conversation ending with an “I love you” and a big hug from her which I thought was really strange. My experience has always been that those who are quick into relationships usually have ulterior motives for it – this time again my intuition turned out to be true. I met Susan working for a cleaning service and was sent for a routine cleaning of her home, where a friendship blossomed and Susan fed me lots of ideals of opportunity. Having spent a year entirely down on my luck, moving from room to room and even spent homeless for a period of time, in-between jobs, financially unstable and depressive, she quickly became an advocate for my personal independence and prosperity. Daily, she sent me messages encouraging and counseling success and positivity. All of which, came off as empty. On a regular basis, Susan forced me to question my personal limitations of trust and myself. I was so bothered in the pit of my stomach by all the new age ranting and false messages of positivity I just didn’t trust – Susan Houchin left me on a journey to discover why everything she said seemed ill-fated. Someday, you will be writing more pleasant stuff….I trust in this. Wishing you a happy and hopeful day…knowing there is LOVE and people who support YOU and only YOU in this.( and your baby, of course) love, Susan On Christmas Eve I witnessed a Facebook message being sent to Susan’s page, from “Russ” of whom she told me she wasn’t dating seriously, telling her she is “easy to love” and “I love you.” Earlier in the relationship Susan described Russ as an abusive person, an alcoholic who has a serious cocaine addiction he shares with his son, who is their supplier. She went back and forth with all the trauma in the relationship, after a few weeks admitting to me under the influence of marijuana, she stays with Russ because he “grows the best pot” even after having to abandon him in Corpus Christi after nights of restless drug and alcohol bingeing. She also described him “pushing her buttons” and in one instance “pushing” his, mentioning “all (she) had to do was go to the police.” And later apologizing, and trying to get me to empathize with the guilt she felt regarding this threat. Okay so, you want to smoke a doobie here and there’s that’s your business, right? That’s what Susan does, on her porch, in her home and dance studio on Summit Loop in Wimberley. In fact, you just might find a spare in the umbrella ashtray or a few joints by the laundry room door. But a grow operation? That can be, well, dangerous. Susan never ended our relationship. She simply backed out when payday came, which furthered my suspicions of substance abuse. Is she addicted to drugs? Well that’s what I think to be the only logical conclusion. I will, however, leave it open that Susan breached her contract with me for other reasons – she might have decided she agreed to pay more than she could afford, or maybe what she got wasn’t worth the money. Maybe our friendship wasn’t worth $500, maybe she spent it all on coke and pot for Christmas Eve- I don’t know for sure, but that’s unfortunate, our verbal agreement was a contract. I made an immense sacrifice of my time to develop, to fine-tune most if not every aspect of her business, starting with but not limited to her website and counseled her on many aspects of it all from income taxes to record keeping and more. I was completely overwhelmed at first, what started as a creative endeavor ended up full-on small business management and propagation. I became, in that short month, solely responsible for Susan’s business and came to know her well. I took time off of work and based my finances for the month completely around doing for her, come January 1st, I was facing eviction having spent my first day together whole day together with my one year old daughter in more than seven months, having taken time away from my family and child to create four advertisements for her Facebook, just two days before. “ps. worrying about finances will only take your energy away. Try spending a small amt of time “seeing and feeling yourself” okay financially. I used to worry like mad about the next day of finances. See yourself abundant. What does it feel like to drive a nice car to work(knowing the payments will be taken care of). By feeling into the most positive places , it will bring to you the necessary means to achieve your desire. We have to learn how to relax. Anxiety and worry are big resistances to the flow we are going for(with the Universe).” -Susan R. Houchin My daughter turned one on New Year’s Eve this year. Because of Susan, I was unable to afford her first birthday gift. Susan grew short with me after the holiday. After witnessing what I already had, it was my inference that Susan Renee Houchin had been hanging out with this guy and had most likely fallen to drug use and was most likely spending some time in hangover recovery. When I hadn’t heard from her, and she wasn’t in her usual spirit, I assumed what anyone else would have given the circumstance. Most good people don’t make close friends or associate with cocaine users. That’s my best sense talking, maybe I’m wrong but I’d say more likely than unlikely, I’m not. Susan also frequently talked of suicide and un-manageable mood swings, concurrent with substance abuse. “it did not set well with me to find out you are a private investigator. As you know, I have had stalkers and rape in my life. So, I got scared and became very fearful of your true identity. This my truth. with me, what you see is what you get. I need the same in my life. I hope you can understand someday. and I did ask a pro and he said I ws getting scammed if I paid in advance and so on. no harm done. I have to make money first before I can pay anyone.” -Susan R. Houchin Why would someone with a need for protection be afraid of a friend who works with the law? I don’t believe this to have been the case at all. She allowed me to work and continue working and delivering, after weeks of consistent positive reinforcement including reinforcement of actual pay waiting for me, that all turned our to be a false-front for her theft of my time, theft of service, fraud, breach of contract and theft of intellectual property which stole the security I was developing for my family. I wonder what “The Universe” has to say? Even more insulting than this whole “stalker” and “rape” excuse to rip me off is her statement of being “very fearful of your true identity.” I really think that paranoia is either serious mental illness, or drugs. Whatever it is, it’s unstable and not the choice conscience of a leader in a community of children and young adults. This statement, from a person who purported to by my friend. Who I had opened up to and shared my trials and tribulations with, a person I trusted. What also doesn’t make any sense, at all is what she told me her rapist was a man who she later had accompany her to the abortion clinic. For moral support. Well that’s understandable, right? I’m sorry I don’t want to be entirely cold-hearted, but she used a rape experience in the past, basically as justification for theft and I don’t think that’s right and I feel although a sensitive subject still shows poor moral character. If that’s how close she keeps people she’s afraid of, and she makes habits of burning her friends, maybe you should be afraid too. Your children are in her care, she is teaching in your schools and has a “very real” fear that someone is out to get her. Then why wouldn’t your children be at risk? Susan is obviously not afraid to step on toes, is very much dishonest, takes and creates the wrong paths in life. Fifty-plus years old and still burning the path before her. Don’t fall for this love, light and positivity front, that’s all it is. This woman doesn’t give a damn about herself or anyone else and it’d be wise to keep your kids away from someone who’s willing to burn bridges because she’s afraid she’s being investigated, or has a stalker, or steals and lies and spreads negativity and puts people at-risk for trusting her. That is exactly the kind of person no one should do business with, the kind of person people like you and me wish they had a warning of. It was easy for Susan Renee Houchin to say there was “no harm done” when she wasn’t hurting herself. Now, she will see that’s exactly who she was hurting.

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