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Some people say that most of the employers are switching at Delta Dentist just to make some extra money by fraud. 

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Published: 07 August 2019

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People often choose cheaper dental clinics just to save their money, but now as they are being more health-conscious and prefer to go one of the best dental clinics in town regardless of what money they have to pay. But money is a priority and these dental clinics have been more keen towards making money rather than ensuring the health and care for their patients. The delta dentist has been abysmal in term of their services, they miss commit their patients and on top of that their staff is untrained and unprofessional, their website does not have all the relevant information it should contain to let the patients know about their services. Various consumer reviews websites have rated them very poorly or below average. Pissed consumer a customer review website have rated them 1 star out of 5. They have rated their customer service and staff 1 star also out of 5 respectively. Customers have shown their concern towards Delta Dentist stating that they had to call them every day if they have any problem and still there is no or little response from them, they have refused to pay the claim and most importantly customers have been mostly disappointed because of their customer services.
My friend told me Delta Dentist has not been responding to his concerns lately. As his dental agreement clearly states that Delta Dentist will be providing two cleanings per year while dentist and staff state that Delta Dentist will not approve and instead he has to pay out of pocket for higher-level teeth cleaning. This indicates the violation of the agreement. My friend has been paying $800 per year for insurance coverage that he has not consumed yet. He is not the only victim of these scammers.
One of the customers, who went there for regular cleaning for his son dental checkup, was highly disappointed with their services. The customer provided all the details for his son including his insurance information. Upon arrival, it turns out that Delta Dentist has not contacted their insurance company and after just a regular checkup Delta Dentist told them that there is nothing they could do but was still charge for $76.
Looks like Delta Dentist has been keen to make money from customer’s pocket without even ensuring the health of their patients. They miss commit their patients and then, at last, the patient has to pay what they are billed for. One of the customers who was defrauded by Delta Dentist says that Delta Dentist initially promised to cover 90% of the bill and 10% by himself but turnout the customer was the one who had to pay 90% of the bill, these type of forgery by Delta Dentist have not been reported by one patient only, there are numerous cases in which patients have shown their concern about Delta Dentist and the way they charged their patients by miss committing.

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