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Upsetting experience at this place

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Published: 13 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t hire a company to come to my house and tell me how to raise my children, I know my house is a mess, but that doesn’t mean my life is. I’m extremely upset with the way the plumber handled the situation, I don’t blame the company, just want to bring to their attention that this person was very rude and totally unprofessional when fixing my plumbing. I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful angels working full time with close to no time to relax, I hire a cleaning service once a month, so most of the time, my house is pretty messy. I don’t know why this is an indication of me being a bad mother, but I sure don’t need someone who doesn’t know me or my situation to be telling me that. One of my kids sent his clay doughs for an expedition down my kitchen’s garbage disposal a few days ago, the device was completely useless after that, so we called drain doctor to fix it ASAP. Maddie, over the phone, told me not to worry, they would send someone to my place that same day; this never happened, we waited all day, and no one showed up. We ended up calling a different service the next day, but they said they couldn’t make it on the same day, so we would have to wait 3 days to fix the problem because of Dr. drain’s lies. So, my son damaged the drain on Tuesday, we called the other service on Wednesday, and they told us it would be fixed on Thursday. Then on Wednesday, out of nowhere, someone from the drain doctor shows up at my door, ready to start working. He seemed very professional, he kept his space clean, and to be fair, he did a great job with the repair; but all of this means nothing when you treat your customers the way he did. He was doing his job while I was on the counter doing some cleaning, and he starts talking about how dirty the drain is, I was trying to be nice, so I apologized and laugh. He continues by saying that he’s not surprised my kid did that, I asked him why to which he answers that he wasn’t surprised because my house was such a mess that he just knew I wasn’t taking proper care of my kids. At this point, I felt offended, but I wasn’t going to fight with this person, so I just remained silent, hoping he would read the mood and shut up. Unfortunately, he didn’t, and instead, he kept talking about how single mothers aren’t meant to be, how I should get a man to help me out, and how I was actually sabotaging my kids’ future by raising them without a father. At some point, he also said that I should’ve never had kids if I was not able to raise them properly… I just hope this man gets fired because he shouldn’t be allowed to speak with customers if this what’s coming out of his mouth.

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