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Published: 29 March 2020

Posted by: Connar 2525

I am doing research to develop software to sniff out fake online reviews, to get the software to work I need to tell it what is makes a fake review stand out from real reviews. To do this I have spent a lot of time looking for and researching fake reviews, boy oh boy! with The First Group, I found the mother lode. If you are doing research and looking to invest in property in Dubai, you might like to see what I found, let me walk you through these simple steps before you invest with TFG. Go to the Sitejabber review website and bring up TFG”s reviews. I can”t post links so you will have to do a quick search. Everyone knows to skim over the 5- star reviews written by reviewers that have just written one review and the review looks like it has been written by a marketing person because there is a very high chance that it has, but take a closer look at reviewers that have written by people with more than one review. So, let”s review the reviewers, look at reviews written by Michael B., Amir B., Craig N., Ivan D., Lego L. and Violeta M. All these people have written great 5-star reviews for TGF, but incredibly, they have ALL written 5- star reviews for a company called AliPartnership as well, suggesting this is a coincidence would be ridiculous but is evidence that TFG have outsourced their fake review writing to people with multiple accounts and multiple clients. Arnold A. is also a fake review although has not written a review for AliPartnership. Out of 8 reviews written by reviewers with more than 1 review, 7 of them are absolutely fake. All of the other 5-star reviews apart from 1 are very suspect too, they had the accounts set up the at the same time the reviews were written, they just the right length, not too long, and they reek of being written by marketing people, very squeaky clean and perfect. With the undisputable evidence that the other reviews are definitely fake, these are almost certainly fake too. So TFG”s tally on Sightjabber at the time of writing this should look more like, 5-star reviews, 1 2-star reviews, 1 1-star reviews, 6 Fake reviews, 33 These numbers are reinforced if to look at the amount of reviews TFG”s competitors receive. TFG”s Social Media people only respond to negative reviews, never positive ones, not much point when they know they are all fake. There is evidence of fakes reviews on all the review websites including this one. Signs of outsourcing can also be found on the Trustpilot review website too, take a look at this, A review by Megan on the 5th of August and a review by Keryan Koloban on the 29th of August, you will notice they have the same heading “Extraordinary” you may also notice that Keryan”s review was updated on September 10th. Before the update both reviews were the same, two reviews written by different people on different dates exactly the same, word for word. I know when TGF”s fake review writers noticed their mistake they would change it, and they did, but not before I had taken a screenshot that I will post with this review. I have read hundreds of fake reviews over the past few months and normally I wouldn”t write a review like this but I feel duty bound to write this one for 2 reasons. 1st, The vast majority of TGF”s reviews are fake, on all of the review websites including this one. 2nd, This is an investment and development business, a business where trust is paramount and they ask you to trust them with hundreds of thousands of your dollars when they obviously can”t be trusted from the getgo.

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