The Flicks: Rick's Cafe Americain

Several issues with showtimes, environment, and food!

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Flicks is a theatre that features independent, foreign, and art films. Not only these but Hollywood movies are also shown in the theatre. It was established in 1984 with one screen and a café and with time it has introduced more screens. It is located in Boise, Idaho. The reputation in the early years of its establishment was really good but now it’s just a trashy place filled with unprofessional and careless people. My friend shared his experience with me and I realized what a mess it is. Lately, customer reviews show that The Flicks has not been able to maintain the ancestral reputation.

My friend said that the staff wrongly removed him from the venue as he had no idea what was the reason for that. He said that the staff were rude and gave no explanations about why they kicked him out of the venue. Maybe he was accused of some act conducted by someone else. He was really unhappy as he said he paid to see one of his stars in an art film for the first time after waiting an hour for the ticket in the cold. He is seriously disturbed and has painful memories about the way he was treated at The Flicks and the management still has not to give explanations about it. He never wishes to come back again at a place like this where customers are not respected. His wasn’t the only bad experience at The Flicks. I’m sharing the bad experiences of some other customers of this place.
One guy mentioned that the place is really dirty and they don’t take care of the cleaning, especially in the halls. He says that he went there and as soon as he entered the hall, a strong odor made him realize that it wasn’t worth it. He stayed there for a while because he thought they will clean the place, but guess what? They didn’t. Consequently, the guy left the place.
The Flicks also has café named as Rick’s Cafe Americain. Because of the good reputation of The Flicks earlier, people started to eat at Rick’s Cafe Americain. But the quality of food has always been compromised. Undercooked meat is very common at Rick’s Cafe Americain. After facing some issues at The Flicks, people wish to eat peacefully at the restaurant but the environment is always in a bad shape. If you are with the family at the restaurant, you better choose a corner or choose to leave the place. Smoking I not strictly prohibited which is unbearable by the majority of the people.
Theatres like The Flicks should focus on the customer service because if you have any issues with the services, only a good customer support executive can help you handle angry customers. Unfortunately, every customer who complained about the hygiene or pricing issue had no or very rude responses. Business is not just about earning a handsome profit but it is also about satisfying your customers and it is about time that The Flicks realize that.

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