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Published: 26 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

In December of 2014, I received a message from a local woman by the name of Stephani Dillard on a dating site. It was very awkward as her very first comment was “are you romantic?” We communicated for a few days, though her grammar was very bad and somewhat difficult to understand some of the time. She eventually suggested that we should meet. I agreed. She gave me the address of 4501 E Brennan Dr. in Sioux Falls . I had no idea of where to go for a date, I have difficulty making decisions for two people. I asked where she would like to go , she suggested the Frying Pan restaurant at the above stated address. We went there, had a meal. Didn’t talk much. It was very awkward trying to start or hold a conversation with someone who won’t make eye contact and will not get into personal details about themselves. After the “date ” was over, I paid for the meals, left a tip , and drove her back to the apartment complex. She said. “Thanks for the dinner “, got out of the vehicle, and I left. Upon reaching the house, I received a message from her telling me the date was not good, and that it would not work out. I felt the same way, so figured all was fair and innocent enough. However, I was wrong. In June of 2015, 6 months later. Out of nowhere, I received a text message from a number I didn’t recognize. The number she used in December was 605-595-3984 which is still in use, but this time the number was 605-951-4348. The message that was sent said, “are you romantic?” I asked “who is this?,” she stated her name, and I immediately knew who it was . But she began asking the EXACT questions she asked me back in December. I thought this was very odd. It was like she had absolutely no memory, and I was going through déjà vu. I asked if she was actually sending me the messages or if somehow old messages are being sent to my phone. She replied that it was actually her. I decided to play along and see where this goes. I made no further references to already having met her. She began suggesting that we should meet. I played along and agreed. I had a feeling it would be a repeat, but wanted to see if this was true or if I was being irrational . After a week or so of nowhere conversations, we finally set up a time to meet. She said she could meet me after 10am because she was with a “client”. I agreed. She asked where I lived. I didn’t give an address for safety reasons, but said I live North just off cliff ave. She asked “away from me ?” I slipped and said “yes “. She asked “how do you know that?” I quickly said, ” I live north of Sioux Falls,” to remove any suspicion. She gave me the address, which once again was 4501 E Brennan Dr. Sioux Falls. I drove there to pick her up. I made the point to say up front, “I have no idea where to go to hang out”. She, much to my expectation, immediately stated “the frying pan on 10th street.” I smirked and said “sure .” I drove us directly to the frying pan. We went in, and were seated. The waitress was pretty s****.> Upon returning to the house, I sent her a message thanking her for a “good time.” Well, she immediately said ” I don’t think this is going to work. Felt too out of place.” My suspicions were correct. I have her as a “friend” on Facebook, and I posted this experience, and an educational video of “dating for profit ” scams. Then she sent a message , “if you have a problem with it, you talk to me, don’t post it to Facebook.” All I can say is BUSTED, and single guys and girls beware of the frying pan restaurants in Sioux Falls SD. Don’t fall for it. .

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