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Published: 04 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Basically It’s same rip off all over again as if you google “Models brief”. This is a group of pimps modelling themselves av pr-managers with connections to modelling jobs. What they do is lure European and American women to work for them with promises of their connections. Everon Clive Ron (aka Everon Ron Clark and Everon Clark) has been doing this under the names Models Brief and Relative Models. They put up their models in piss poor condition, don’t pay the promised refund of airline tickets and take every chance to take sexual advantage of the young girls. They lie about everything and don’t have any connections to the modelling business at all. Although you are not forced forced in to escorting/prostituion, in this environment the lines get blurry after a while. Stay away and keep close track of your daughters should they ever end up in this environment.

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