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Jonathan Goldstein wrote a check to a girl to keep her quiet

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Published: 11 July 2017

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Beverly Hills attorney Jonathan Goldstein wrote a check to a girl to keep her quiet from reporting a sexual assault. Goldstein believes he ripped up the original check he wrote to the girl. Beverly Hills employment lawyer Charles Goldstein 8912 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, Ca 90211. After reviewing a public record, The Goldstein Law Firm in Beverly Hills, Charles Goldstein, represents his son, employment attorney Jonathan Goldstein who was sued for attempted rape in cocaine infused drug rage on a female student. Jonathan Goldstein paid the girl thousands with a check from his attorney-client trust account. Recently, private investigator Michael Florio was employed by Goldstein to serve papers on witnesses. Florio was seen on security camera video chasing one witness into her home, and then running through two closed side gates. Copy of the check will be posted soon as will a message or two Goldstein left for the victim.

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