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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently ran into an issue having Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company honor (or in this case DENY) a Tire Tread Warranty. Heres the Details I own a 2006 Toyota Prius. My driving record is clean, no accidents, no tickets/warnings, no isurance claims, in 10+ years. I try to perform all scheduled maintenace on time. I had a 4 wheel alignment performed, at a goodyear dealer, on 6/14/2012 at 52,536 Miles, and was told the car was within spec The front axle was then re-checked at 65,932 Miles, when I purchased a set of Bridgestone Tires on 4/01/2013 and I again was told eveything was within spec. On 5/02/2013 I purchased a set of (4) Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires (Mfg 738523571) Serial M7AD KK1R 5012. to replace the set of bridgestone’s that were returned on a buy and try basis. The mileage then was 67,357. The tire pressure was set at 38PSI by the dealer. Im not sure if they used nitrogen or air, as its not documented. These tires have a 65,000 Mile Tread life warranty. On 7/23/2013 I had the dealer inspect the tires, rotate them, and document the work. The mileage was 71,969. (@ 4612 Miles) No tread depth was indicated on the receipt. On 11/19/2013 I again had the deal inspect the tires, rotate them, and document. The mileage was 76,898.(@ 4929 Miles) No tread depth was indicated on the receipt. On 3/31/2014 while at the toyota dealer, I was informed that the tires needed replacement. I left toyota and took the car down the street to the tire dealer to have them inspect the tires, since we were at 81,027 miles (4129 since last rotation) They informed me that the tires were all worn out, some had cords showing, but they couldn’t do anything as they weren’t a Goodyear deal anymore. On 4/1/2014 I went to another Goodyear dealer and had them inspect the tires. I produced all the documentation I have. They called goodyear, and goodyear DENIED my 65,000 mile treadlife warranty, even though I kept the tires at proper inflation, had alignments performed, had a dealer inspect and rotate the tires and met ALL THE REQUIREMENTS. Their reasoning was that the tires weren’t worn to the EXACT tread depth across the tread of each tire and across all 4. If this is the case I have no way available to me to remody this situation. I checked and maintained the tire pressure (at the recommended rate) I had alignments performed, and documented. I had a DEALER rotate and inspect my tires. I LIVED UP TO MY END OF THE DEAL. At this point there is 13,736 miles on the tire till i got to the deal, or 21.1% of the warrantied service life. After arguing the point, all goodyear was willing to do was offer a 50% “”Customer Satisfaction Rebate”” On a set of 4 new tires. I feel this is absolutly redicules, as I have absolutly no means available to rectify this situation (and make the tires wear evenly) so that the warranty can be honored. .

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