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Terribly Awful!

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Published: 20 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The green mill is a jazz club which is located in Chicago, Illinois. People visit there for its jazz and poetry performances. But lately, this place has deteriorated considerably. I had a poor experience there and I found out that other customers are really unhappy about the way they have been treated at The Green Mill too. Most of the customers were unhappy with their staff as they said they were rude. Most of the customers also had complained about their food quality, they have concerns that despite paying so much on tickets and food, the service is still awful.
You should always try to treat your customers well; your staff should be trained enough. But lately, people are really unhappy about how the staff at The Green Mill has actually behaved with them. When I went there, I saw that the bartender and waitresses were very rude and horrible. They wouldn’t greet the customers and wouldn’t listen to you.
Another customer reported that their manager was so rude that he (or she, I don’t remember) ended up kicking out one of his friend from the venue. The way Green Mill has treated their customers recently is been horrible, customers are really disappointed with it and now they never wish to go back again.
Customers should be your first priority and you should take them as granted, but The Green Mill has been below par in delivering customers satisfaction. One of the customers who ordered a glass of red wine, well by mistake the waitress spilled it all over. This was an accident and the customer spent the next 20 minutes scouring the red wine out of his sweater. Upon coming back the manager gave them a hard time as if the customer was trying to create some fuss just to get some free stuff. These type of behavior is not accepted at all and the customer really furious about it.
Customers have also reported that all they care about is making their money rather delivering good service and a good atmosphere. Customers have some serious concerns with the staff members and with the management also. One of the customers reported that it was her first time at The Green Mill and she was charged twice for one ticket. Upon arguing the guy was so rude with her. She got her money back but not wishes to come back again.
Customers are enraged because of the customer service of The Green Mill as the staff doesn’t show any respect to the customers. Another customer complained that the guy at the bartender was very rude from the start and was irritated when helping him. Well, it’s a pity that they have a cocktail bar but not a cocktail menu. The customer asked him which cocktail you could make upon which he replied anything as long as we have the ingredients. The customer asked for anything sweet upon which the customer was served by something which tasted like pure whiskey, asked him to remake the drink as it was not sweet at all to which the bartender replied that the one I already made and took the drink away. The customer ultimately decided to leave because of the bad service. These experiences should help you in making an informed decision about this place, hope they helped.

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