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Published: 13 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It is emotional and realization of this establishemnt. The Scam Part They seem to work on emotioanlly weak people that are looking for attension. It’s one of those places where people scream and kick and lay on the floor. The way to become a memver is very, unusual. You have to go to something called ‘Home Fellowship’ for an entire year. But the problem is that there is no home fellowship in the summer. There are Currently 14-16 of these, houses that yougo to every sunday morning unless there is an event or holiday. and some of the houses are not even in teh same county. it is very difficult to even get to one and as a church you shoud get help. In order to become a Home Fellowship leader you have to start out with paying the church a fee of over 100 dollars. Then they had a Home Fellowship Picnic back in January of this year and it was inn 3-6 different loccations. one church… 3-6 different locations for a picnic. Tomorrow on March 29th they are having a “”Market Place leaders Breakfast”” Then to really top it off, they have a cafe. called Cafe Eden. it’s almost like starbucks. They have sandwiches that are ike 7 dollars,they ell gum and cookies and fruit smoothies. Even myvery first day there they had a family day. The plates were 7 dollars. What kind of church is this? It’s not a church. it’s a faith based business in the guise of a church. the Harbour Church was Brithed from Light International another Corperation under them the founder of light international is also a former Wal-Mart CEO Darren Davis, who is in fact the Senoir pastor of the Harbour Church. Yeah… You can’t make this stuff up. here are the websites. see if i’m lying, do the reasearch. .

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