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Published: 25 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Because of the high crime rates in Chicago, our plates were stolen off of the wreckage of our vehicle. We noticed unusual charges on our EZ Pass account a month or so after the incident. Because of this, we contacted the IL secretary of state and had the plates revoked. In addition, we filed a police report with the local authorities. With those two pieces of documentation and the tolls listed that were clearly not ours (we don’t go to Chicago), we mailed the claims to the Pennsylvania Toll Authority to process. After about a month or so, the PA Toll Authority contacted us and told us that the state of IL rejected all claims (over $50 worth). The PA Toll Authority found this to be absurd and gave us our money back as a credit on our EZ Pass account. This is why I do business with them and not the IL Tollway. The fact that the IL Tollway did this is absolutely ridiculous. Because these unauthorized tolls were completed without a transponder, they obviously took a picture of every single instance. Just a simple look at the pictures would have shown that the vehicle did not match what was on file for the plate. There is absolutely no reason why the IL Tollway should not have refunded the money to the state of Pennsylvania. This of course again is a reason that I don’t do business with the IL Tollway. They are out of control and have little regard toward their customers. However, they do fit in well with Chicago and its suburbs as they are as corrupt and unfair as one would expect from Chicago or as we call them out here in Northern IL, Chiraq. I have tried a couple of times to get a class action lawsuit going, but the lawyers in this state are too afraid to fight with the corrupt powers in this state. I would ask that if there are any lawyers in IL or out of the state who wish to make a nice amount of money, please help to get that long list of people together. I guarantee that they screw people and other governments (PA EZ PASS) on a daily basis. And, I guarantee that they are way out of bounds in regards to the law. I would recommend a website where people can come forward with their stories and evidence. With a good lawyer’s help, we could take this rogue business down once and for all. They have no right to conduct their corrupted business in this state.

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