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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Today I recieved a letter in the mail fromthe International Award Payment Center saying that I have won $15000.00, and all you have to do is answer a skill testing question and send $20.00. But if you ready the whole letter the third paragraph down sounds fishy. “this award of $15,000.00comprises a cash sum budgeted and allocated to an international skil competetion program, but as yet unclaimed by any winners. Our office has been charged with liquidating the $15,000.00 and disbursing funds to final certified winners” This doesn’t even make sense!!! So everyone Beware on the subject line it is a blue series VII. I was curius though and I did some research on it and found that yes it is a scam!!! Why should you have to pay if you have won!!! So I called the number on the back and ask some questoins like is this a scam the lady I spkoke to said no you couold call the better bussiness assoc. if you’d like. Then I asked why do I have to send money if I have won! She replied YOU HAVEN’T WON THE 20$ IS TO BE ENTERED INTO THE COMPITION, I then asked so if I send you 20$ when do I win? She repield there is 3 more rounds of skill testing questions that they will send and that’s how they get the winner, because you need to answer the questions correctly. She also stated that they are allowed to charge a fee to have people enter into a contest. SO TO ALL BE WARNED THAT THIS IS A SCAM!!! Robin leduc, Alberta Canada

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