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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It was the wedding of my elder brother and I decided to give him a gold-laden watch. The time for his wedding was near and we had lots of arrangements pending. I decided to give a surprise to him on his wedding day. I started looking up for the best watch selling company near me. I took suggestions from a handful of my friends and researched for two long days. After shortlisting a few of the jewellery shops and checking their pros and cons I decided to go to The Jackels Collection Of Beverly Hills. They had a very attractive collection and their price was affordable too. I made an appointment over a phone call without even thinking twice. The owner of the place called me on the upcoming Wednesday. I went in and waited in the lobby until he came out and asked me about the type of watch I wanted. He then took me through his collection of the different varieties of the watch. They were good looking and tempting and I made a quick decision about one of their products which was looking very good and. He then made another appointment for finalizing the deal.
I went to The Jackels Collection Of Beverly Hills on my next appointed date and did a quick recheck about the model I chose. It was made up of gold and silver and I was very eager to see the reaction of my brother. That could have been a very special moment for me until The Jackels Collection Of Beverly Hills destroyed it all for me. It was on the day of finalizing the deal when I had to cancel it. It was on that day when I came to know about their greedy business. I was about to gift it to my brother so I wanted to take away the watch right on that moment but the owner was concerned about the payment and was pressurizing me to pay the whole amount at once. I wasn’t ready to do so because the amount was very large. I requested him to give me a few days to complete the payment. He became furious and told me that they are bound to do that policy and he would cancel the deal if I didn’t pay him the whole sum. I was shocked by his rude and arrogant behaviour regarding money and told him about my financial state is unstable. It was a big sum of money too. I requested him again but he didn’t pay attention to me anymore. Coincidently there was another customer to buy the same product and pay the whole money at once. The owner changed his colour like a chameleon and started pampering him and offered beverages.
I couldn’t believe in my eyes the greed nature of the owner. I wasted a week over this deal and got nothing in return but fortunately, I came to know about the greedy nature of this firm and all their hunger towards money. I would like to keep people away from the greedy nature of the owner of The Jackels Collection Of Beverly Hills.

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