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Published: 09 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When I first encountered Kim Komando – aka The Kim Komando Show – she appeared to be a good resource for information on computers and the Internet. Little did I realize when I signed up for her newsletter that I was walking into a spider’s web. Being CEO of a high tech company with a lot of technical resources and researchers available, it did not take long to realize the “information” Kim Komando is almost all just unvetted info easily found on the Internet, and her newsletters – and she sends a LOT of newsletters – are just non stop advertisements. And I do mean nonstop. She has hijacked my corporate email inbox and the emails come in fast and furious all day long, every day. The information she provides is generic and often bogus. For instance, she promoted the open source virus detection program Clamshell as a great resource. My firm had previously researched Clamshell and found it has the lowest virus detection rate in the industry… THE LOWEST! Anyone who took her advice and used clamshell probably now has a badly infected computer. She advertises everything under the sun, and promotes cheap Chinese-made products which she brands with her name, at prices far higher than the same items can be found on the Internet. She also constantly promotes her ‘paid web show’ on computers. Everything she sends out is just nonstop high pressure sales garbage… including links to items that will list her as referrer for a commission. This seems to be the only qualifying standard for her selections. I would have just unsubscribed from her voluminous emails and let Kim Komando fade away into the great ethernet void, but this is where I discovered the ultimate scam. This woman who claims to offer such valuable advice to ‘keep you safe’ on the Internet has NO UNSUBSCRIBE FUNCTION on her emails. Oh sure, you can click ‘Unsubscribe,’ but here’s what happens: She demands you write her a snail mail and request being unsubscribed. No kidding! But it gets worse. I decided to simply ban her email addresses. Guess what?” I have been blacklisting every email I receive from her for days now, and they haven’t even slowed down. Like any good Scam Spammer, Kim Komando changes her sending addresses constantly so you cannot block her emaiuls. Be warned. I have no clue how I am going to get rid of her. But one thing I know for sure, I do not plan to send her any personal information via snail mail. When I bite on one baited hook, I am not about to bite on the one hanging right next to it. .

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