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Published: 06 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a former employee that wants to stress the unhealthy practices this restaurant is impacting on its customers as well as its employees. On any giving day you can find their employee hand-washing stations to be lacking soap and/or towels, and those employees non-sterile hands touching the customers food. I also would like to comment on the ill compassion the owners have towards their wait staff, requiring them to report to work even with aliments such as fevers and upheaving. As for the function of the restaurant, the wait time is unbelievable, taking nearly half an hour to get one drink made (due to lack of staff), and ticket times for sushi are at a snail pace because some of the Chefs (one in particular) will get to making the order “When he feels like it.” The servers are required to give out two-thirds of their tips to the house, which includes paying the chefs in the kitchen who make way over minimum wage; and when bringing up the issue of the unfair tip compliance to the owner he said “You have to take the good with the bad.” Not much good there, except for the chefs in the back who are making bank because they are his family friends. They terminated two people without reason, and without any sort of notice… no phone call, or even an email. They way they found out they were terminated was after arriving to work ready for their shift and their employee numbers not working. Here is just a few examples of what these customers had to endure (compliments of Yelp)… Jinna K 5/17/2014 I went here last night for a birthday and we were excited to try. Parking is not the easiest in this small plaza. The service took a while, maybe 15 minutes or so, to even take our order. I always had to flag him and ask him if I could order more. Service was not amazing. He presented the restaurant as not catching certain protected species, being organic, Etc. …Not impressed. Not coming back. Sue N 5/21/2014 The second visit was worse than the first. The hostess with the white blonde hair has an attitude problem. Rude to locals and uppity as hell. Get over yourselves. Artisan food does not give you license to be rude. Never setting foot in the place again. I’ll drink my 25 cent water for free at home. Sean H 5/23/2014 It’s a shame because its a great location and so much history is in the building. I went here early on a Friday evening with my wife and friends and have to say it was the worst service I have ever had. I have tasted better food in the third world country’s I have visited. The prices are absolutely not on par with the quality of food. On top of that the manager was totally aware of the disastrous service and our disappointment and all he said was I’m sorry then he just stared at us and walked away, which is equivalent to saying screw you in my book. No “how can I fix this “or “can you elaborate”. It’s like he new it was coming and was not surprised. My wife is extremely quiet and forgiving and as we were leaving she voiced her concerns only to get the response, “Next time your here we will do better”. Next time! Their will be no next time. My guess is this restaurant will shut down in the next 12-18 months which is the time it will take for locals to realize what a dump this place is. Amber F 5/14/2014 …After about 20 minutes of sitting and the waitress on the patio continually looking at us, my husband decided to go to the bar to order our drinks. When he order the drink the bartender seemed bothered that we did not order through a waiter but said she would see that the drinks found us on the patio. The waitress finally approached us asking if we had been helped and we told her our drink order that we placed at the bar and she said she would go see if it was done. With another 20 minutes passing and her not coming back we decided to leave. My husband had accidentally left his wallet in his seat and went back shortly after we left. The hostess rudely asked him if he “Left something”, she was expecting him to come back. My husband had explained to her that we left because our drink order was taking too long. Thats when the hostess decided to tell him that they DO NOT take walk ins and you must call to make a reservation everytime… In conclusion, I advice people to boycott this place due to the unethical standards the managers inflict on it’s waitstaff as well as it’s customers. .

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