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She just wanted to ruin my life

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I got caught in a legal dispute a few months ago, a rather complicated case, and this woman just wanted to sink me to the very bottom.
My husband and I had been together for 10 years, it was unimaginable for me to leave him, especially because we have 2 kids together, but when he started using violence, I had to do something.
I searched and searched for a lawyer that could help my case, and that could provide orientation in the best way to proceed. During this time, my husband got in trouble with the police, and he was arrested. I knew I had everything in my favor to get full custody, so all I needed was a concerned, professional lawyer to represent me.
I ended up meeting Ann G. and explained her the situation, she said she understood and would make sure I got everything I was asking for.
The days went by, I never heard from her again, and I started a new relationship, yes, I know this was a bad choice, but I only found out after Ann G. destroyed my life; up until then, I was just trying to move on with my lie. After a month of MOA, she reappears, saying that my case is ready, and we can present the charges against my husband.
During every single one of our conversations, she had this tone in her voice, as if I bothered her in every possible way; at first, I didn’t know why, but after the case, she revealed the real reason why she intentionally sabotaged my case.
The judge was practically laughing at me during the trial, the arguments she presented were so weak, nothing had relation with what we had previously discussed, and every time I tried to stop her before sinking my image, the judge would call out on me, because that was obviously not the place to argue with my own lawyer. But she was a complete 2-faced woman who scammed me and stepped on my reputation in front of everybody in that court.
The defense obviously did better, and I almost lost the custody of my babies, I fired her after the circus she mounted and got someone else who, thank goodness, was able to fix the mess she had left and win the case.
My second lawyer was a true gift from heaven, Ann G. was a dark angel for me, and she revealed her true intentions after I fired her. She insisted that I wouldn’t be able to win the case without her and that I would lose everything if I fired her, I told her I’d take my chances, then she changed entirely the way she acted towards me. I can still remember how she was yelling through the phone all those things about me being… A petty woman who couldn’t take a mere blow from her husband, condemning her 2 children to live without a father simply out of selfishness. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever known someone so 2-faced and horrible as her.

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