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Published: 14 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I thought the Illuminati, Bilderberg or Trilateral Commission, and one of its’ notorious absurdly wealthy members, had finally wisened up and decided to put me in charge of the whole shebang. But, alas, after checking the internet I found that many, many others had been promised the same lofty goals. Unfortunately for this group, we (and I use the plural very purposefully) DO KNOW MUCH about “The League” and the folks behind it. You see, we have received many of these letters through the years at different addresses, and all claiming they would never contact me (us) again if we did’t sign up for “who knows what” within 48 hours. It is truly a shame that they claim to be able to answer the prayers of so many down trodden people. Frankly, I would like to put them to work building houses and learning a REAL profession instead making a living through their heartless betrayals of the innocent and the struggling. I am sure that there are many others that would prefer to “tar and feather” these folks. Karma is a funny thing; perhaps a highly unexpected mishap or misfortune will come to them causing them to have to fulfill their false promises. THAT could take eons! Lesson: Be careful what you promise with your toungue or your pen! I suggest using this letter (and the red, white and blue trimmed envelope that it most likely came in) as high quality recycling. The paper is good for that…and for THAT only!

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