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This is a place for fools! A fools paradise!

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Published: 02 June 2019

Posted by: Thomas

I can’t believe that no one has pressed charges against these morons yet. They are nothing but a scam and this clinic should be closed as soon as possible. I read a couple of reviews on The Lewisville Dentist and I have noticed that most of the 5-star reviews are actually from the employees of the clinic itself. And the rest of them are fake. I went to The Lewisville Dentist with my sister and 8-year-old nephew. My nephew was feeling some pain in his teeth and our regular dentist wasn’t available, so we decided to go to this clinic instead.

When you will first enter the building you will notice that the staff here is extremely nice and they will make sure that you don’t feel any discomfort during the whole procedure. However, their niceness is just a way to hide their true intentions with you. I was amazed by their persuasion and manipulation skills. The hygienist who was very sweet did a checkup on my nephew and told us that he has 9 cavities in his teeth. NINE FUCKING CAVITIES! I am not joking, she literally said nine cavities like it was a casual thing. I immediately checked his teeth for myself and I could not notice any damage. I asked the doctor about this diagnosis and he told me that the machine he has in the office actually finds out the cavities before they become aggravated and visible. Not only that, when I got my checkup done here they told me that I have a periodontal disease that will require around $19,000 to be cured successfully. I was really sceptical of their diagnosis and decided to get a second opinion on me and my nephew. The new doctor told me that I don’t have any periodontal disease, I only have a minute case of gingivitis. Moreover, he told me that my nephew only has a small cavity and when I told him that the previous doctor told me that he had 9 cavities, he cried from laughing.

I will have to appreciate the fact that The Lewisville Dentist helped me realize that there are scammers in the world who can even harm an innocent 8-year-old child for getting a few extra bucks. These people are sick, disgusting and greedy. After my experience at The Lewisville Dentist, I decided to go on the internet and see what other people thought about this place. The 90% of the reviews on the internet about this place are totally fake and they don’t have any credibility whatsoever. I will not recommend anyone to come here for a dental treatment, however, if you want to learn a life lesson in a harsh and possibly permanent way, then definitely check this place out.

You can send your ex to this clinic and they will end up with one of the worst smiles ever!

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