The Lodge at New Tampa

Ruined the health of my dog

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are going on a vacation or a business trip, never dare to select “The Lodge at New Tampa” to leave your pets. I had the worst experience with them. My experience with them forced me to write this review. I had to go on a business trip for 2 days and my family was also not in the town, thus, I had to choose someplace where I can leave my four-legged friend, my dog, Tom. I did internet surfing to find out the best and nearest places to leave Tom for two days and I chose the Lodge at New Tampa.
I dropped Tom there on Monday evening, as my flight was on Monday night. The staff and team said to me that I do not need to worry as they will take great care of Tom. I was satisfied and was thinking that my Tom was in safe hands. But it was in my dreams only. Two days after when I came back I was shattered after seeing the condition of Tom. He was looking so weak and was untidy. The kennel where Tom was living was very dirty and the food which was left in the pot was unhygienic. It seemed that he had not taken bath since the day I left him over there.
When I asked the staff of the Lodge at New Tampa about the condition they started to argue with me that when you left him with us, he was not well. He was not eating properly although they provided him food and he never made friends and never played with other dogs. It was really surprising for me. I told them that he was fine. He easily hangs out with other dogs as he is friendly by nature, but they were not in the mood to listen to anything. The staff members were very ill-mannered and had no idea to talk with the customers, then how can they treat the furry pets well? While the staff members were misbehaving with me I was just thinking that what they have done with Tom. Tom was looking very scared and exhausted. After that, they asked me for extra money. When I asked them the reason, they replied they gave a bath to Tom twice as he is a very untidy dog. I was stunned as Tom is a very sensible dog and he loves to keep himself clean. It was a disgusting experience for me and Tom.
My sixth sense was indicating that something is wrong, so I took Tom to his veterinary physician and when he checked him, he found that he has temperature and his stomach is infected by eating something carrying a bacteria. Tom took one week to get better and to come back to his routine. It was heartbreaking to see my Tom in that condition. It was a terrible and horrible experience for both of us, me and Tom.

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