The Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau

The Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau Review

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Published: 21 September 2018

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My vehicle registration came in the mail and to my surprise there were $500 in fines for two unpaid parking tickets I never received. I looked up the parking tickets and they were both issued on the same day in August within half an hour of eachother. One of them on Wilshire Avenue near Beverly Hills and one of them in Arcardia, CA. I did not go to either of these places and it would be impossible for my car to be at both these places within half an hour as they are 52 miles apart. We contested the tickets and were denied because the time limit had expired to contest them – but we never knew we recieved them. They were never mailed to us. We had to pay the fines and the registration fees just to get my new car registration. There are a few things I am confused about. Why didn’t we receive the tickets in the mail? Our address was current at the DMV. Why didn’t we get reminders about the tickets if they were unpaid? Why did we get “parking tickets” on my car that could never received? How are we supposed to fight this? Has this happened to other people? In addition, I recently received a valid parking ticket after my meter expired. I went online the day after to pay the tickets as I am aware that the Parking Violations Office will post fines to your account due to their 30-60 lag in processing even though your ticket was paid on time if it is mailed. I checked the credit card processing fee and it was $2 – worth it to avoid the hassle. I went through the process, went to enter my card and noticed the ticket amount $63, the $2 processing fee and a $35 fee. No clarification what the $35 fee is. I received the ticket 1 day before – why is there a $35 fee with no explanation. How many people pay this without noticing? How is this legal? This seems like serious abuse of the system and fraud being carried out in the name of local government. .

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