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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I would recommend you guys to stay away from this hotel because all you are going to get is a disappointment and nothing else. The Mansfield Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in New York. Though it claims to have one of the best services in town since I have been there I can assure that all the claims they have made are total lies. They suck in terms of their professionalism, food quality and customer service. I am a business person myself and as I tend to travel a lot, I know the standards which should be maintained by a hotel. The front desk guy was rude and didn’t even listen to most of my requests. After a tiring day, you need to relax and want to make yourself comfortable but if you have chosen The Mansfield Hotel, you would probably not gonna get the luxury you want. I was given a room which was essentially large with only one bed in it. Room was extremely hot even though it was only 40 degree outside. Air conditioner did not work well and it wasn’t cooling the room properly. I couldn’t have a nice sleep because it was too noisy as the constant sirens and street noises bothered me all night. The walls are probably not that thick because the noises were quite loud in the room I got. The bathtub was terrible, I was not able to take a proper shower because the water was not draining and the water got past my ankles. I asked the front desk guy to get it fixed and he didn’t seem eager to hear what my concern was. He didn’t even respond to me and hung up on me. I had to contact the manager to get the issue resolved. There was no in-room refrigerator as they promised with me at the booking. The worst part was the bed which was caved in on both sides and it messed up my back. I had to go to a fucking chiropractor to get some relief in the back pain. Hotels like The Mansfield try to make their money by scamming their very own customers. When I booked the hotel, I didn’t pay any attention to the additional fees which they charge daily in terms of facility. The fee is around $25 a day. At the checkout, I found out about this and was being told that it is for the gym, the lounge, and the breakfast which I didn’t ask for or even use during my whole stay. Unfortunately, I was not the only who was arguing over this fee as other people in the lobby had problems with it as well. I never expected to have such a horrible experience at such a high price. This hotel was unbelievably bad and I would ask you all to stay away from this shitty hotel. I would never come back to this hotel. Thank You!

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