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Published: 12 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I want to say upfront that any and all statements made are my opinion. I do however have email correspondence from Matt Trainer on every point made in this statement. I learned about Matt Trainer from a Greg Davis event. Matt pitched a program he called the $100 million dollar exit. The idea was to build an email business that would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars a month within 90 days and sell it in 18-24 months for millions of dollars. We were told we would have daily access to him and could reach him anytime via phone or skype. We were also told only 15-20 people would be in this group. We were told this was a long term business, but we would begin making money in 30 days and be making up to $100,000 a month in 90 days if we hustled. Before purchasing the mentoring, I asked questions like has he done this before? How long will it take to break even? How much money can I expect to make in 30,60,90 days? What other costs are there? How will the training go etc? Matt has you wire him the money. He does this because wire is guaranteed money and if there is a problem you can’t get your money back. Once I sent the money that is when it was all downhill. For the first 90 days, Matt was not available. He gave us all access to old courses about solo ads, facebook fan pages and other click bank type stuff. This was his way to delay the actual training for the course we paid money for (email marketing). Matt used constant excuses that he was sick etc. When Matt finally began his “training” he had us buy a $200 a month server, have 10 decoy sites built, sign up for 10 autoresponder service, and buy leads. The leads we had to buy were minimum of $3500 a month. So if you add up the costs you can see the monthly bills are quite high and we haven’t even started yet. What we found out as a group, is Matt never mentored anybody on this system. He was having scripts built that were not ready. So we waited another few months before they were ready. So keep in mind the monthly costs don’t stop. Finally when we began uploading leads and emailing, everyone lost ALL their accounts including Matt. Nobody at this point after 7 months has made a single dollar and have spent over $20,000 in expenses. Even Matt announced on a webinar that he hadn’t made a single dollar (expect the $450,000 we paid for this coaching lol.) Next, Matt had a webinar where he said autoresponder marketing isn’t working so he is switching to a different platform and we would have to pay another $1,000 for access to that system. To make a long story short, that system didn’t work either and Matt decided he was no longer going to do email marketing. A few weeks later, Matt had a webinar saying he was going to give us his company and a portion of the profits. That never happened either. At this point I left the group. What is disturbing is even when the program was doomed for failure, he kept on adding members to the group for $15,000 apiece. Our group ended up to over 30 members. I would also like to point out these 30 members were not newbies. These were experienced marketers and nobody made a single dollar from this program. Matt may come out of the woodwork and tell you some stories and he has a lot of friends in the marketing world that will stick up for him. I am not saying that Matt hasn’t made people money in the past, but the program he pitched us was an experiment. He pitched it as a system that he trained people in and was repeatable. What we learned is we paid for an idea and that idea failed. Matt refuses to refund anyone (ie. reason we had to wire money). Currently he is pitching another program where he supposedly has made $300,000 in 30 days. He is recruiting new mentoring students as I speak. I have reported this experience to the FTC several times, the attorney general and a few other resources. My hope is eventually someone takes notice and investigates this.

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