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Published: 09 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I downloaded an app at the end of March to process credit cards, since I was going to attempt Mary Kay. I understood the terms to say that I had 10 days to cancel my account. After thinking about it for a few days and after receiving an email from Josh Jimenez (Technician to start me on the app), I replied to his email letting him know that I think I misunderstood the terms and would like to cancel, since I was within my 10 days. (I never set up the account or anything) He said he would forward my file over for cancellation – Fast Forward 10 days, I FINALLY receive an email from Anthony Herrera (Senior Account Executive – cancellations). He informed me that I could go ahead and cancel and be charged $545.00 – UMMMM NO! Herrera who was so nasty to me, talking down to me and said he didnt care and I was going to pay the $545 or keep the account open. I told him to bite my fat behind and hung up. Called Mr. Jimenez begging for help. I didnt even have to tell him Mr. Herrera’s name, he knew who I was talking about and agreed with me that he had NO customer service skills and that he would help me get out of the contract. He asked me to call him back the next day and give him a chance to speak to his Manager… forward a few days, because he wasnt answering his phone or returning my phone calls. I end up with a receptionist answering the phone and she tells me that Mr. Jimenez’s boss was on a 2-3 week vacation and that there was no boss there while she was gone. I said a few words to her and told her had to be kidding me and lying to me. Well no one help me… this time, this company is charging my account weird amounts – NOT AUTHORIZED! So I contact the BBB – file a claim – well the big boss lady who had a 2-3 week vacation was all of a sudden available to respond – her name is Nori R – Operations Manager – her emails did not have her last name like everyone else and when responding to the BBB she would never disclose her last name. She responded saying that if I returned the reader, they would cancel my account and NOT charge me as long as I sent it to them. I did that on June 4th – Yup this has went on a very long time. Tracking information showed it was received and signed for by their company on June 6th – I paid extra for that! Well I think everything is good to go……on June 30th, I email Ms. Nori asking WHY I was again charged when SHE said as soon as they received it I would be cancelled and good to go….. she asks for proof of shipping and it being received…..boom – did it! All of a sudden she states that “Once we LOCATE the item we will cancel your account – no fees”. I flipped out once again! No, you stated once it was RECEIVED I would be good….not once it takes you MONTHS to find it when I have proven it! I show proof to this horrible manager…..she tells me on JUNE 30th….”Your account will be closed within 2 business days now that the tracking number has been received as proof of equipment delivery”. What the fudge….fast forward to TODAY…..8 days past the last time she said this…..I HAVE YET ANOTHER CHARGE ON MY BANK!!! I’m done! This fraud of a company will not hear the last of me! Oh yea, and notice in her email the cancellation fee is MORE than what I was previously told by Mr. Herrera.

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