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Published: 21 December 2017

Posted by: Banty

I am from Australia and I purchased a subscription. I ordered the subscription on 28 March 2009 and the email stated that I would have to wait 6-10weeks for the monthly subscription. So I waited until the 23/5/09 & emailed the magazine to see if they had sent the first magazine. No reply…so I checked on the internet to see if Magazine City was still opperating…yes still going strong…so I checked the magazine publisher I had ordered through Magazine City…and found that they had ceased publication 2 days before I ordered the subscription…and it was still obvoiusly selling on the Magazine City Website! (up to the day I received the refund). Magazine City took my money on the Monday 30th March 2009 and the exchange rate was pretty terrible for me at the time converting to almost $203.00 AUD. But then to find I would not be getting the magazine anyway was pretty disappointing to say the least. I then emailed Magazine City…no reply…so I emailed again…no reply…so I emailed again…no preply…and this went on for almost 3 weeks before I received a reply from Carol mentioning that the matter was resolved and a refund had been credited to my Mastercard on the 13th June 2009. Well not a full refund…I had requested that they refund me in AUD equivelant to what I had been charged in my MasterCard as they should never have taken my money to begin with. They refunded me in US dollars which left me short $30 AUD. I beleive that Magazine City has a responsibility to their customers to be up-to-date and to notify them if a subscription ceases. To me it seemed that they would never have refunded me my money had I not mentioned it. What if I had forgotten about the purchase or died? The money should have been refunded within the week after the publication ceased…and I would not be out $30 AUD due to the exchange rate being different on the 13th of June to when I purchased the subscription on the 30th March 2009. I am upset that it took me emailing Magazine City numerous times and then they had no correspondence with me regarding how much they should refund…so they refund me in US dollars hoping I will go away! My MasterCard should not have been charged to begin with as the magazine publisher had ceased publication. Why should I be out $30 AUD for a responsibility that should have been Magazine City’s. I have found Magazine City to be rude in deleting my emails without reading them and their noreply when they do, and on the 3 occasions that they did reply they were breif & not willing to take any blame finally saying that ‘ We had no knowledge of the magazine ceasing publication prior to you subscribing. Certainly if we did, it wouldn’t have been on the site’ The point is that Magazine City should have contacted me before I contacted them on the 23rd May. They had my money for almost 2 months and did not say a thing. And then by the time I had requested a refund of my money in AUD in full the exchange rate had changed so much that when Magazine City refunded in US dollars I was out $30 AUD. I would like Magazine City to tell me how come it took so long to refund me my money & why only after I had contacted them? I know I will not get this answer because my dealing with Magazine City have been nothing short of rude & dismissive on their part and they will not admit that thier processes are at fault for me having lost money on a subscription that up until I contacted them…they were going to send me…I guess…as I don’t know what they thought they were doing! I have requested the name & email address of their CEO or complaints department 20 times or more so I can follow-up my complaint…but no reply…and emails are now deleted without being read…and not responded to. I think that Magazine City sees that I am in another country so what can I do about it. How rude!

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