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Published: 20 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I researched and followed all guidelines to find a puppy. What I got was scammed. The seller is protected by AKC who doesn’t care about the animals, they only care about the money exactly like the fraud breeders. Gale Rivers told nd I have the emails to prove it, that this puppy came with a year health gaurantee, a few days after bringing the puppy home he was scratching at his ears and screaming in pain. I called her and left 5 VM’s which were ignored, I emailed and asked her if there were other puppies doing this BECAUSE in a video of the puppies (for sale) that she sent me, one was on the grooming table scratching and crying; when I asked her about it she said (quote) “”Oh that’s just because he just got groomed””…(end quote). In another video puppies (unseen) were screaming and she just said “” I have no idea what is going on and who is screaming””, but laughed it off as rough play””…. I told her I would be going to the Vet and asked SINCE he came to me this way would be pay the Vet bills ONLY pertaining to his ears? She ignored me, ignored ALL emails, Ignored ALL phone messages. I have documentation from 3 Vets, that state the puppy had such bad infection on both sides that it is systemic! IE INFECTION running thorugh his entire little body, due to EAR INFECTION. When I told Gale she blamed me. Each stated they have NEVER seen such bad infection in a puppy so young. The first Vet, 3 people worked on him, they knocked him out and took turns pulling the “”BLACK GUNK”” out of his ears; it took a total of hours. I was at the Office for more than hours that day. I was given ear wash, ear antibiotics, and oral antibiotics. When those were gone and he was no better we went back and a different Vet saw him; he had to knock him out agin and said “” Yes, his ears on both sides are filled with pus!, the membrane has been so swollen I couldn’t see it””. I have a lengthy staement from him, I also have the first visit documentation. Agin more oral and internal topical antibiotics for both ears, running a low grade temp for months. All 3 Vets stated he could lose his hearing, and or have ear damage due to this, all 3 Vets stated they had never seen such bad infection in a puppy so young. The 3rd Vet ran 3 cultures, more antibiotics and ear wash, different kinds. The testing showed some yeast, and a lot of bacteria, he was stumped. the puppy that was one week shy of 3 months old is now 7.5 months old and still has ear problems, and has some hearing loss. I tried and tried to ask the breeder for help and she told me in an email of which I still have EVERY email, “”NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN AND I MEAN NEVER!!!!!!!!!”” (end quote). She further stated that “”SHe will NEVER PAY one penny for the Vet bills”” (end quote). I filed with the BBB and the Attorney General, Gale RIvers actually had the nerve to LIE even though it’s not my word against hers because I have documentation from 3 Vets and EVERY Email and I saved this for last, I have an email from Gale Rivers that says “” He had BLACK dirty ears””….(end quote). So SHE KNEW, she was AWARE he had a problem. Gale Rivers is DISHONEST, a LIAR, A FRAUDLANT Dog BREEDER, A TERRIBLE GROOMER, it is because of her LACK of PROPER CARE that this happened to an innocent puppy. Between travel time, being forced to care PROPERLY for a SICK puppy, Money for Meds, FUEL I have LOST out of pocket more than 1000.00, while Gale Rivers continues to sell and take advantage of people and their love of animals. .

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