The Pediatric Dental Specialists

The dental assistants are not qualified for the job.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The staff is not friendly and helpful at the Pediatric Dental Specialists. My son was not happy with the dental care and is insecure to visit another dentist.

Teamwork is not managed well at the practice.

Customer service is terrible.

I was disappointed at my son’s dental care at The Pediatric Dental Specialists.

The dentist team is not friendly and pleasant to patients.

Staff don’t explain details about dental care and are not talkative to patients.

The dental team lacks communication skills and compassion for patient care.

My son had the tooth cleaning done and everything was fine till much later that evening. The gums bled, he had sore gums and sore teeth.

I did not feel comfortable with the treatment.

It was not comfortable, and the painful gums lasted a few days.

The unexplained process gave us nothing to look for in dental care mistake by the Pediatric Dental Specialist.

Pediatric Dental Specialists are not professionals and do not know customer service for dental patients. They ignore the care for patients.

Staff from personnel are not friendly and do not want to offer comfort to patients while in the dental room. It is important to make patients feel relaxed and calm at dental examinations. Unfortunately, it is not like that at The Pediatric Dental Specialists.

Patients need a gentle touch from the dental staff to make the situation feel calm, relaxed and to be less stressed.

The lack of quality in dental treatments and dental care materials have proven to me that Pediatric Dental Specialist is not fit for their jobs.

My son’s first visit to the Pediatric Dental Specialists turned out most painful after a tooth clean. It is of no importance to the dental care team of how patients cope with dental care from the practice.

This poor quality of work from Pediatric Dental Specialists is not what I expected. The discomfort after tooth cleaning was the most painful, he had.

The staff doesn’t care for the patients and ignores patient care.

Lack of knowledge of dental care and the lack of communication skills doesn’t allow for better dental care procedures.

I did not experience any good services from The Pediatric Dental Specialists.

The office is not clean and at the entrance, there are dust and old papers on the table. The less-educated staff of dental care did not try to be pleasant.

I didn’t like our experience at that place. There is a lack of interest in patient care, customer’s service and lack of information passed on to patients. I don’t recommend a poorly presented practice.

There is no warmth feeling from staff members at The Pediatric Dental Specialists.

I wouldn’t want to recommend The Pediatric Dental Specialists to families for their lack of knowledge in dental care and lack inpatient care. I experienced more negative points than positive points at The Pediatric Dental Specialists and don’t want anyone to go through a bad experience at the dentist as my son has.

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