The Planet and SoftLayer

The Planet and SoftLayer- merged for no good reason other than to raise havoc!

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Published: 24 August 2017

Posted by: Lawrence L. Evans

I needed a professional and serious server hosting service for my upcoming new project and the first step when starting a business on the internet is to select a proper hosting provider.
At the end of March, after my birthday, I chose one of the most advertised providers, SoftLayer. SoftLayer is a provider that specializes in dedicated hosting for small and medium-sized businesses. Sounded perfect to me.
The people from their sales team were really talkative and polite, but you know every sales team is like that when they sense a potential sheep for trimming. Being sort of a sceptic in everything that I do, I can conclude now that people behind SoftLayer are a bunch of immoral freaks and fraudsters!
Their services were contrary to my expectations. Besides the awful performance, which I’ll describe, I experienced the worst treatment from their support team too.
You will definitely not get what you paid for when it comes to working with these guys!
Now let’s talk about the performance first. Uptimes were generally good at 99%, but turned out to be full of hot air ‘cos despite those percentages stated otherwise, servers were going down constantly and plenty of customers were complaining all the time. Maybe that’s the reason they are almost unreachable on their phones.
Their monthly costs for hosting are mega overpriced, sales and support services are textbook amateurism as I have mentioned already. I also experienced billing inconsistencies and as I found out later, I’m not the only one. Just check the reviews and complaint and make your own judgement if you don’t believe me.
Their credit card interface system is made to charge you multiple times if you want to upload a new credit card. This is a billing scam which I’ve seen already and read about it before. Fraudsters double charge you hoping that you’ll never find about it.
They messed with the wrong one this time. Their lies and frauds will be exposed even more now and I really hope someone will finally react to this problem. This is a real problem! The guy who works with their support team, alias name – Andrew, knows everything about this double charging, but he acts like everything is cool and normal. You get the info from their interface that your card is rejected, but the reality is that they charged you. So you think that everything is normal, and you continue to make the attempts for multiple payments.
SoftLayer Technologies, formerly known as The Planet is the type of company that repeatedly provides crappy services to customers just to turn a bigger profit. They are all hunky-dory when the time comes for you to pay them but whenever some problem gets to the surface, their employees turn into ostriches. The lines are always busy, if you manage to reach them you will get plenty of stuttering and OH’s, and “please send me a detailed problem via email” type of answers.
I have experienced a lot of frustrating periods when my website was down for a couple of days and I had to pull their skirt constantly and be annoying just to get some help. Even when someone decides to reply, you get the reply after one week…maybe.
Their customer service really went downhill after the merger. If you, as a customer can’t get the proper support and they are unreachable at a critical time, then you should definitely walk away and find some other provider. Same goes with their technicians. Incompetent and clueless employees in general.
The last week before sending them to hell, I sent them an email where I informed them that my PTR records were wrong. After about 10 days, I got a reply from them saying that they had fixed the problem. Nothing was fixed and even my mail stopped working. When I contacted the tech support again, a guy named Mark told me that I shouldn’t have filed another complaint, they are already working on the issue!!!
It was a complete joke and my business suffered for it. They really went too far and I’ve decided to send them a complaint and request a refund if the issues continue. I received their reply immediately, and to my shock, they decided to cancel my service, effective in 5 days. And that’s because that way, they are not obligated to give me the refund! I have been their customer for years and they decided to act like that? Is that how a reputable company acts towards their long-time customers? Fuck ’em!

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