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Published: 27 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have decided to write this report because I am done with waiting for the owner to respond to my emails. The Power Suit is a type of weighted vest owned by Lebert Veira. Back in January 5, 2014, I ordered The Power Suit™ Fully Loaded (30lbs) from him for 454.39 CAD including shipping. I received a phone call from Lebert the day after I ordered the Power Suit. He asked me if I want him to ship a part of my order to me first because he didn’t have all of the weight bars and it would take him more than a month to receive them. I agreed to this, and I did receive the first part of my order on February 25. On March 8, realizing that I hadn’t received my order and he didn’t send me any further emails regarding the rest of it, I wrote him the following email: Hi Lebert, I would like to know about the status of my order. Has the rest of the package been shipped yet? If not, when can you ship it to me? I am planning to leave Vancouver sometime next month. If possible, please have it delivered to me by the end of this month. Thanks! Kyle I received a reply from him on March 14: Kyle I am working on getting your order sorted out by next week.If for any reason this does not happen,can we deliver to you at your new address? Thank you Lebert The “new address” part he mentioned has to do with the fact that I was planning to be out of town for a while and will probably move to a new place when I came back. A week passed by and I still didn’t receive any updates from him so I wrote another similar email to him on March 27. Here is his response on March 31: Hi Kyle, I will email you before we ship,this way you can let me know the best place to send it. Thank you Lebert Two more weeks passed by. Being somewhat frustrated, I wrote him the following complaint letter: Hi Lebert, I haven’t heard from you for a while. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed in the delay of the shipment for the rest of my order. Why is it taking so long? I placed the order on January 5th and it has been about three months now. If there is some difficulty involved in obtaining the rest of my order then that is alright, but I would appreciate if you can let me know what is going on so that I have an idea what is happening and what to expect. Please let me know why is it still not shipped and the approximate time you can have it shipped. I hate to ask you the same questions over and over again, but this is taking way longer than I imagined. Kyle Here is his reply on April 15: Hi Kyle, I can understand how your feeling,We’re waiting for our stock to get in by order to have some stock come by air was very costly,when we have stock, our orders are filled within 24 to 48hrs.Again,sorry for the delay.I will contact you as soon our stock gets in, before we ship to you.The date I have been given is April,29,2014 Lebert Soon after this I went out of town and came back around June 10. During this time (for almost two months), I didn’t receive any emails from him about my order. So I emailed him again and here is his reply on June 12: Hi Kyle, thank you for the update,we will send the rest of your order to the same address.Welcome back. Regards Lebert Three more weeks passed by and still nothing. At this point I just felt absolutely ridiculous. I wrote the following email to him on July 3rd: Hi Lebert, Can you give me an update on my order? I want to know when you can have the rest of it shipped to me. If you are still uncertain, then please let me know how much you can refund me so I can make a decision. Also, please reply this to me via email so I can keep a record of things, thanks! Kyle Here is his reply on July 7th: Good day Kyle, the balance of your weights will be shipped to you on Friday (July 11th). Thank you Lebert As you probably have guessed, more than a week came by and still nothing from him. I decided to write him another email on July 16th: Hi Lebert, Can you send me the tracking information for my shipment? If it is still not shipped, then please refund the rest of my order – I have waited long enough for this and will not be waiting any longer. Let me know, thanks! Kyle Here is his reply on July 17th: Hi Kyle, I will forward your tracking number shortly. Lebert Another week went by and, at this time of writing (July 25th), I still have not received anything from him. At this point, I guess I finally have to admit that I have been scammed. For anyone who is interested in purchasing a weighted vest from, I would suggest you to stay away from this site and look for something else. There are other cheaper options out there. Yes, there are also other options that are more expensive than this, but at least you will get a complete order within an acceptable time frame. All of the emails provided in this report are un-edited except the bolding of certain words and sentences. .

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