The Residences at Capitol Heights

The Residences at Capitol Heights Review

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Published: 16 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My boyfriend has lived in this apartment complex for years and FREQUENTLY (every couple of months) gets threatened with eviction over ANYTHING that the complex can come up with. First it was a smoke smell that they said came from his unit. Then it was that I was over there visiting frequently and that constituted me living there and that was in violation of the lease (I didnt’ know that an apartment complex could determine you are not permitted guests), even though I have a lease somewhere else and DO NOT live there. Next was that his door “slammed” too much (???). Now they just had him sign a new lease for a whole year less than THREE WEEKS ago and suddenly decided that his dog, who has lived there over 6 months, and who they have met on several occassions and have been given paperwork on, “Looks too much like a German Shepard” and he now has to move, and is on the hook for the rest of the lease that they had him sign THREE WEEKS AGO. This complex is a total scam, completely and unrelentlessly harrasses their tenants and threatens to evict them over EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they can think of. I have never in my life seen a complex that so continuously invents reasons to harrass their tenants. My boyfriend has been threatened with eviction over and over, yet is by far one of the best tenants a complex could have and does nothing to bother anyone, keeps his apartment clean, is quiet and keeps to himself. I suggest to stay FAR FAR FAR away from this place if you do not want to be constantly harrassed and worry what fresh hell each new month will bring on from them. I thought that renters had a right to “quiet enjoyment”, but this complex works hard to make sure that you are constantly in fear of being evicted, no matter what. WORST APARTMENT COMPLEX AND STAFF I HAVE EVER COME ACCROSS, EVER. .

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