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Published: 18 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I checked into the local Salvation Army around 3 or 4 days ago, and I am experiencing abuse by the manager, named Ronny. I have been asking for clean sheets for several days. I have tried to contact the Captain, and will be filing reports. I was denied and stalled about the sheets. When I asked for it, he was obnoxious, and growled at me, responding that I should go to the motel 6, if I want room service, and the sheets are not dirty. (I am disabled, and a single mother, and not a drug addict, alcoholic, or prostitute). I have never stayed here before, and am stunned at his agressive, and hostile behavior. I heard from someone I talk to from time to time, you get seven days free. I am in dire need of housing, and have been on a waiting list for four months. I have spent 343 for a motel 6 for 7 days. I do keep clean. It means the world to me. I wash every week, and take daily showers, and am immaculate. So, when he told me this, I asked him why is he so angry. I am puzzled at his behavior. I try not to stereotype people. I am not obnoxious or agressive, and I shouldn’t have to beg for clean sheets. I woke up with bumps on my face, after sleeping on the dirty, blue, sheets. I bought some hydrocortisone. I would have normally gone to the hospital, but have been so overwhelmed. Sunday, this little girl named Anna came in the room to use the bathroom. I wasnt going to go breakfast. I just want sleep. I just came out of the hospital, and have been sleep deprived. I spoke to her, and went to check out their breakfast. She was really inoccent, and sweet. I asked what’s on the menu. The response was, I dont know. Then I asked someone else, a older, blonde, stout lady. She said, biscuits and gravy. I spoke to a normal looking slender, Mexican lady, and got in line with her. The cook made eggs with sausage, hash browns, and biscuits. They had a large tub of butter, with 2 knives in it, jam, milk in little red or clear cups, that’s about four ounces. It was a throwback scene from the 50’s. I wondered if the cook had soap to wash the trays. He said, he rinses them off. He then puts them into a commercial dishwasher, that I have never seen before. I smelt the sheets. There are six beds in the room. They assigned me number 6. I smelled like 4 of them. They smelled dirty. They do not have that laundered smell. Ronny doesnt care or get it. He is so proud he is a manager there. He lauded it over me, like it was a big deal. I thought, maybe it is a big deal to him, coming from not having a job, and living there, and its free rent. I told him I would wash the sheets. I offered him, and he said no. I am a female, and wouldnt try to steal his job. I would want more than that. I am disgusted. I want a clean, safe place to live in. Who would give dirty sheets to someone? I wouldn’t. I am disgusted. I want a place of my own. I usually have that. The manager, where I lived brought in drug dealers, and blocked on renewing my lease, and that brought me on a downward spiral into homelessness. I am overwhelmed, and am needing justice. .

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