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The place should be shut down or an immediate replacement of the workers.

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Published: 04 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently got caught up in a car accident. It took a big toll on my car. The front window was damaged and needed to be replaced, therefore I decided to replace them as soon as possible. I was very confused about taking my car in a good and reasonable tinting shop. In a short period, I found out that The Spokane Shop is giving warranty for a lifetime replacement of the window glass without paying any extra money for the 2nd time. I was attracted to this scheme and how could anyone deny this pleasing offer. Therefore, I made an appointment with the tint shop for the very next day.
I went there with my car and when I asked them about how much time the car would take to get repaired totally, they didn’t give me any clear answer. I asked the manager by when can I expect my car to be tinted and he told me that it could take anything between 2-4 hours, there is no fixed time for the same and it depends on the other pending work of the mechanics. I left and decided to come back in 3 hours to check up on my car.
As soon as I entered the shop I saw that my car was still in the same condition and the mechanics, on the other hand, were sitting and gossiping with their fellow mates. I went into the manager’s room to ask him to get my car repaired as soon as possible or else I would have to take away my car to some other place. The manager finally told the mechanics to work on my car. I decided to wait here until my car was repaired. The mechanic then took my car to the perfect spot where the tinting was done. The fibreglass was not even measured to properly fit on my car and they had to do the cutting right then. This took a long time and it was finally the turn to fit the glass in my car. As soon as the mechanic picked up the glass, due to the excessive weight, it fell on the ground and the main frontal portion had a scratch on it right after. I was very much annoyed by the carelessness and the little amount of experience which they had. I had to wait again for the glass to be cut. The process was taking a lot of time and the wait was too fucking long man. I wasted my whole day in there. I was not at all happy with the service of the mechanic. He was very careless and less attentive to his work. The scheme was just to attract people but the service was a total flop. No one should ever go to The Spokane Shop for the replacement of the window glass, they are not worth giving a penny.

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