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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Brian

I’d like to explain the horror of the Surgical Company’s negligence. These people have no heart or soul. They are careless and heartless. They don’t care about the patients. They have no expertise in the fields they work and they lack any sense of humanity as well. They ruined my sister’s life through a negligent operation. She was referred to these guys for surgery. We had taken her to a physician because she was having bowel problems. The physician concluded that there was bowel obstruction and so she needed a colectomy. We were pretty scared of her needing surgery but according to the doctor, it was the best solution to her problem.

He referred her to the Surgicalist company. They were handling the case and they did the procedure. According to them, the procedure was successful. Then, after 4 days of the operation, my sister started complaining of severe abdominal pain. We had to take her to the hospital. There, we found out that the nearby organs of her colon were damaged during the surgery. That was the reason why she was in so much pain and suffering. We contacted the Surgicalist company for this issue and they told us that they can help my sister in recovering from the complications. They told us that it was normal for a patient to face some complications of such surgery. We were carrying our sister from one place to another and I can’t explain how much disturbed I was. She was in constant pain and she needed immediate help. At the Surgicalist company, they did some procedure and then told us that she was fine. We took her back to our house and it seemed like everything was normal. But it wasn’t. Now her digestive system has become too weak and she has diarrhea every day. She remains in constant abdominal pain. When we discussed this issue with the doctors at this company, they told us that these were normal reactions and we shouldn’t worry much. But it’s been 4 months since her procedure and there aren’t any improvements in her condition. The doctors are saying that due to some surgical error, her digestive system has gotten disturbed. And the damage to the other organs has made things more difficult. She was a normal girl but now she lives like a disabled one. Who should I blame for this? Her? Myself? Or the doctors who botched her operation? What wrong did she do to face such horrific times?

The doctors at the Surgicalist company don’t take any responsibility for their actions. They don’t issue any apologies. I’m planning on filing a lawsuit against this company for the terrible misdeeds they’ve done. They couldn’t say that they messed up my sister’s treatment, otherwise, they would have to issue some compensation. I’d recommend staying distant from this organization. It is a criminal organization, which should be rotting inside a jail instead of running a clinic.

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