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They lied to me. They dont give any warranty.

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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently moved to my new house and the architectural team has designed the windows of our house in a way that doesn’t give us any privacy. I have always wanted a private house so I was in a serious need of getting the windows of my house tinted. Someone recommended me The Tint Guy to get my business done. I hired them to tint all the windows in my house and some other areas as well. You have to wait for weeks to get booked up with them which is a big issue for me. They have a very small waiting area with a very slow WI- FI and it\’s hard to pass time while waiting for your turn. If you have any issues they don’t make any efforts to resolve them and don’t care to make their customers happy. They made us wait and were not present at the scheduled time. As for the tint job on my windows it was done in haste and interiors of the windows were not cleaned up before installation. Picture windows were not cleaned properly and dirt was visible all over the windows. The installers are always slacking off and not skilled enough for the job. The lead installer had a very unprofessional attitude and he was not accommodating at all. The tinting staff lacked knowledge of their products and took hours to install. They took the wrong measurements of a few of my windows and they had to get them replaced which took another week\’s time. They make a lot of errors while installing so I had to stand there all the time to keep an eye on them. It took numerous tries to get each one of the window tinted and a lot of time was wasted during this process. They have reasoning and excuses for every wrong move that they make so it is hard to argue with them. The owner is very rude and short-tempered and if you complain to him about anything he gets upset and mad. When I roll down the windows the tint starts peeling off and the film they installed does not adhere to the glass properly. They didn’t even put the right percentage of tint on the windows making the night time visibility bad. The quality of the tint that they use is poor and may harm your eyes. The tinting is done in a rush and the windows have already started peeling and cracking. The owner never called to check on us after the installation services. Their prices are not reasonable and the film tint that they installed need to be replaced every five years which means that I will have to invest more money in the next few years. The cost of the products and the service fee in total amounted much more than their estimated price. If I am paying them such a high price they should have done things right. I waited about 1 week for a warranty but they never got back to me. I was dissatisfied with the overall results and would highly recommend you to look for another place if you want to keep your sanity intact.

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