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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These are all proven facts that I have in my position. My wife and I have been dealing with this for the last long and very trying 6 years, tm group has taken those not replaceable years from us as for all we have been doing is fighting them every day, not to mention the huge expense this has caused to us personally, we have obligations we have to meet however because of tm lies and deceit we are struggling to do that. Lets deal with facts, 1: Tm group do a total bait and switch with not only us but many disgruntled Canadians, we were sold a corvette, and received a chevette, ( as per tms own admission of 15 to 20 other law suits!) 2: Tm Group threaten me with my life. 3: Tm group bribed my 1st lawyer by tm’s group own admission of approx. 54k USD! Jose luis dela Pena 4: Tm Group forged a power of attorney on me by Tm’s group own admission! I have the original persons name as reference. 5: Tm group forged and or doctored other documents. As stated by my lawyer that most of the documents are not correct. 6: Tm group bribed officials in Mexico to their own benefit? Cannot prove this and never could, however all evidence points in this direction. 7: Tm group forged entrance documents in my wife and my name, y we have copies of those documents and we were never ever in Mexico at that time as our passports clearly show! 8: Tm group bribed officials to get a warrant on me to bait me down to Mexico just to be thrown in jail, as per document Serna left said documents accidentally with my contact, documents he should NEVER have in his position! ( this is a HUGE situation for me that could affect my citizenship in the US not to mention will cost thousands of dollars to erase!!!) 9: We have provided any and all documents as requested best of ourr ability. 10: Tm group tried and bribe my new lawyer also, as proven in letter from my new lawyer. (then went to threats against him and his family). This very seriously, as really come on if this was even close to true would I have not gone a different route to get my money back? Of course I would have, and not spent hundreds of thousands of dollars And wasted 6 years of my wife and my life, a hard working man from Canada who worked his whole life in the oil business. There is probably more I could add, however what more proof do we need, also I will be very skeptical of any and all documents coming from Tm Group, and the courts now as they know we are after them. They can have anything changed, forged, or doctored for their own greed, we have to stop them from doing this to anyone else not to mention get justice for my wife and I. Regards .

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